The word “osteoporosis” literally means porous bone. It is a condition that is usually without symptoms until severe backache or fractures begin to occur. Having a baseline bone density test in ones 50’s is a good way to evaluate and track bone health.

There are many factors that influence our ability to build and maintain strong bone mass.

These include:

  • Calcium/magnesium adequacy and metabolism
  • Adequacy of trace minerals
  • Adequacy of Vita D and other co-factors needed for bone building
  • Adequacy of Stomach acid
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Undiagnosed Celiac disease or hidden wheat allergy
  • Exercise
  • Diet

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Client Success Stories

Debilitating Leg Cramps

I had been suffering with debilitating leg cramps in my thighs for several years, so severe that they would reduce me to tears and immobility. The cramps were taking over my life and I did not know when or if they would happen. I became afraid to leave my house. My family doctor had no answers, even after he did bloodwork which showed normal potassium and magnesium etc. I drank Gatorade by the boatload……took 2000+ mg Magnesium and Potassium supplements……I even resorted to drinking Pedialyte trying to get enough of what I knew I needed.

One day my chiropractor recommended Monica Montag, CN at Be Well Associates. She had been able to help his little girl with her many skin issues. I was a little leery but willing to try anything to stop the pain and be able to live a normal life. At the first meeting Monica discussed what she thought was going on……ordered in-depth blood work that would get to the bottom of my problems. I was skeptical about the whole process but after listening to the nine plus pages of test results I was a believer. We came to find out that a hidden infection in my intestines was preventing me from absorbing magnesium. After four month of seeing Monica I am down to only a handful of cramps. That is such a blessing in my life,

Other benefits: I’m off my blood pressure medicine…..and the acid reflux meds that I have been on for almost THIRTY years and I’ve lost 55lbs!

I could go on and on about what help they have been but do not have the time or space to do it. If you are having problems that mainstream medicine just kind of pushes away…..let these women give it a shot. I am so thankful that I have. I can’t wait to see where this leads. Thanks so much Monica…..you literally didn’t save my life……but you certainly saved my mind!
C.T., Clearfield, PA

Increased Bone Mass

I am thrilled to find out that I have gained bone mass in both my spine and forearm since following Monica’s bone building program of diet and supplements. I was really grateful to be able to check my program after being on it for a few months with the urine test, so that I had confidence that I was doing enough to save my bones. And my last Dexa Scan proved it!
H.H., Pt. Matilda, PA