Detoxification means purging the harmful toxins, or poisons, from our bodies.

Detoxification is a process that takes place in the liver. The cleaner the liver, the more effectively we are able to burn fat. Toxins are present in air, water, food, and the general environment. Since toxins are a constant in daily life, regular detoxification is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The ability to detoxify and eliminate toxins largely determines a person’s health status.

Benefits of detoxification include:

  • Improves Blood Sugar
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Boosts Energy
  • Strengthens Immune System (just in time for cold and flu season)
  • Improves Thinking
  • Helps Recognize Food Allergies

Ready to take your health back after too much indulging?

Our 14-Day Home Detox Program provides everything your body needs to support the many pathways of detoxification. It’s easy to follow, with all products and recipes you need – and it’s very effective!


Our program consists of:

Vege-Cleanse, a customized detox formula you make into two daily smoothies
PurePea, a high-quality, nonallergenic protein shake Detox packets Menus that include unlimited fruits, vegetables, and additional lean proteins.

Client Success Stories

Liver Health Restored

Monica has worked with me and my health issues. My doctor had recommended a biopsy of the Liver. Monica had worked with me to get my liver enzymes to the correct level by eating correctly and using supplements. I am very happy with the results. My doctor was also pleased. I would recommend BeWell Associates to anyone who is serious about their health and health issues. I have recommended people to check them out. Jan V., Selinsgrove, PA

I Feel 20 Years Younger!!

For years I have been ignoring my health and taking care of everyone but myself. About a year ago I started working with a Personal Trainer and although I started exercising more I still did not feel the greatest. She referred me to BeWell. I would do anything to get some relief of the pain I was feeling. BeWell had me start with a 28 Detox Program and after 3 weeks, all of my pain was gone! My lymphedema is also gone! My time with my Personal Trainer is becoming more valuable every week – I can move again! For the last year, I had taken Advil 6 times a day to deal with the pain. Now I don’t take anything! I have lost 52 pounds and over 12 inches in 3 months! I feel 20 years younger! BeWell has prepared a personal food plan and it is re-teaching me to follow a sensible eating plan. I still have a long way to go… and if you are like me and have 100+ lbs. to lose, I hope you will call BeWell and get started. I don’t need to worry about points or getting meals in plastic pouches. With BeWell’s help, I am learning to love real food and make the right choices for the rest of my life. K.F., Woodstock VA