Fatigue is one of the most common complaints we see in our office and the fading battle cry of nearly every American. Everyone, it seems, is tired from over-doing, over-caffeinating, and over- scheduling. It is also one of the most complicated conditions to figure out because there are so many possible causes.

There are some obvious reasons, such as insomnia and dehydration. But what if you are sleeping eight hours every night and still waking up exhausted? Or drinking eight glasses of water every single day and still feeling tired?

Well, that’s when the holistic health detectives start to run down their checklist of what may be causing your fatigue. Often, there are multiple causes of fatigue, and even if one is corrected, there are others that are still causing less-than-optimal-energy levels. All areas must be addressed for best results!

Here are the top 11 reasons for fatigue:

Poor Sleep Habits

The optimal window for restorative sleep is 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. This is the time when our bodies naturally wind down and we can sleep deeply and soundly. Staying up too late regularly disrupts this rhythm. Make sure you are sleeping in a pitch dark room, with your head away from electronic devices and electric sockets. (The electromagnetic energy from these can disrupt our own energy fields and diminish sleep quality.) Keep the temperature cool and, of course, make it as quiet an environment as possible. It may be helpful to run a white noise machine such as a fan or an app on your phone to block out background noise.

Chronic Dehydration

A simple formula to determine how much water you need is to take your body weight, divide by two and that’s the number of ounces you need each day. So if you are 150 pounds, you require 75 oz. of water. If you drink caffeine or alcohol, you will need to match those drinks with an equal amount of water. Try this: drink a big glass of water and see if you don’t get a burst of energy.

Missing Nutrients

The vitamins and minerals that we assimilate from our food act as cofactors for the many metabolic processes that go on in our bodies each day. These include B vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals. If any one of these is missing or in short supply, then the associated metabolic pathway cannot function properly, and this may lead to fatigue.


Hidden Food Allergies

There is a dramatic upswing in food allergies The food allergies that can be the most problematic when it comes to fatigue are caused by IgG antibodies that are reactions in the blood as a result of intestinal hyperpermeability or Leaky gut syndrome. There is often no obvious immediate reaction, or if there is, it can occur up to 48 hours after eating the problem food. So these reactions are very difficult to track and the only symptom may be fatigue.

Poor Fatty Acid or Carbohydrate Metabolism

Sometimes we are unable to fully utilize our fats and carbohydrates because we are missing the co-factors (vitamins or minerals) to fully convert our food into energy. This is truly a case of having a “slow metabolism.” The solution may involve not only adding the missing nutrients but may also require changing your diet to adjust total carbohydrates and/or quality proteins and fats.

Hidden Infections

Hidden bacterial or yeast infections in the small intestine can be a source of both fatigue and digestive upset for many people. The overuse of antibiotics and antacids both create an environment in which unfriendly bacteria, yeast, and even parasites can dominate the digestive tract. Their waste products generate toxins that cause not only fatigue but also fuzzy thinking and even depression and anxiety.

Mitochondrial Insufficiencies

This problem must be assessed through functional testing. It refers to the inability to produce energy inside the cell.

Depleted Adrenal Function

Being in a chronic state of fight or flight, too much caffeine, too much to do, emotional, mental, and even physical stress can result in adrenal burnout. There are many stages of adrenal dysfunction, and where you are in that continuum can be determined through testing. If you feel worse after exercise, have morning fatigue and generally feel better later in the day, or remain exhausted after nine hours of sleep, you are probably burned out. The good news is that the adrenals can be restored with a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes and a few targeted supplements.

Excess Stress Hormone Production

There is usually a long period of chronic stress and tension that leads us to adrenal burnout. Tension can make us tired. Reducing the brain chemicals of tension, the catecholamines can sometimes improve energy significantly and actually prevent burnout.

Amino Acid Deficiencies and Imbalances

Amino acids are the building blocks of every cell in our bodies, including the neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals. When certain ones are depleted, we are tired. Very tired. Replacing the amino acids can correct brain chemistry and result in a sense of well being, energy and optimal mental and physical health. And the good news is that once restored to homeostasis, the supplements are no longer required.

Lack of exercise

No explanation needed here! Exercise is key to feeling your best. It enhances circulation, oxygenates your tissues and removes metabolic waste products. Whether it’s a run, a walk, yoga, or kickboxing, just do it — regularly!

Getting to the bottom of fatigue causation is an extremely important step toward better health. Functional testing is a great way to evaluate how your body is functioning and to correct areas where it is not.

The vitamins and minerals that we assimilate from our food act as cofactors for the many metabolic processes that go on in our bodies each day. These include B vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals. If any one of these is missing or in short supply, then the associated metabolic pathway cannot function properly, and this may lead to fatigue.

Client Success Stories

On the Right Track

I made an appointment to see Monica Montag at BeWell Associates to help me with my severe fatigue and sinus headaches. But a pleasant surprise after just a month on her detox program was the complete resolution of my leaky bladder. I no longer have to do Kegels or manage my water intake because she solved the cause of my sensitive bladder and fixed it! My fatigue is also much better and I’m down to half the headaches in only 6 weeks. I feel I’m definitely on the right track and happy I decided to work with the nutritionists at BeWell!”

K.C., State College, PA

Significant Improvements

After five months working with the BeWell team, I have experienced significant improvements in my overall well-being. I came to my initial appointment with a variety of ailments including brain fog, anxiety, and fatigue. Laura was able to suggest a few supplements based on my symptoms before diving deeper into the roots of my issues to build a customized plan. I was honestly surprised at how quickly I began to feel better. Every aspect of my plan was thoroughly communicated to me in a way that I could understand and was given constant support and feedback on my progress. Scheduling, meetings, and checkout procedure are seamless. Team members are at the height of professionalism. I highly recommend BeWell Associates to anyone looking for a natural approach to their health.

Rachel H., Penfield, PA

From Skeptical To Believer

I was skeptical about calling BeWell because I thought that I would have to make hard changes to my diet and lifestyle. My daughter convinced me to call because she did not want me on a lot of medications. I am so glad I made that call. The changes have been easy. The BeWell Team are so knowledgeable and so helpful. I am feeling better than I have in years. I am off my reflux medicine, I am making better and healthier eating choices, I have the energy to exercise, and I walk every day. I have no inflammation, no bloating, no aches or pains. I have lost 10 pounds. I don’t miss bread or dairy at all! I would recommend BeWell to anyone!

Nellie C., Martinsdale, PA

The Program is Kicking in…

This has been a week of big improvements. More energy, clearer thinking and vision, starting to taste. Starting to lose the gut and feel thinner and not gassy.

MGB, Boulder,CO

Blood Sugars Digestion Sleep Energy all improved in 66 year old….it’s never too late!

Since we started working together five months ago, I have been able to slash my 17(!) prescription meds in half. And what’s even better is my A1 C is down significantly even over the Christmas holidays. My morning blood sugars are much better and I’m finally starting to lose weight. My heartburn is completely gone even though I am off heartburn medication and I’m sleeping better without sleeping pills. The restless legs have stopped. I’m happy to report that I no longer take naps and can keep up with my teenage granddaughter when we go shopping together! I’m thrilled with my progress, and so is my doctor. I can’t thank you enough, Monica. You’ve given me my life back.

C. H., Dubois, PA

Post-Partum facial tingling anxiety and insomnia gone in two weeks!

Thank you again for everything. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I have the opportunity to work with you on all of this. It is quite amazing to me that I have gone from feeling like I am going to have a stroke because of tingling, to major anxiety, feeling absolutely beaten down and ending up in the ER 12 times since having the baby. You have managed to help me fix all that within a month’s time! I am forever thankful!!! I cannot wait to see how much better I feel after taking this next set of vitamins. You have made me a believer!

JBF, Punta Gorda, FL

I Feel Young Again!

I was first diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome in 2009, then lupus a few years later, and finally had a horrible gallbladder attack. I dreaded thinking what was next in this progression. Conventional medicine had not been able to provide adequate relief or prevention of “new” problems and I wasn’t caring for the invasive treatments or side-effect laden medications that were suggested, so I searched for a more holistic approach and found BeWell Associates. They were able to provide me with a detailed and individualized report on my specific deficiencies and food intolerances. They were wonderful at explaining everything, answering questions knowledgeably, and being available between sessions for questions via email. I felt like they really cared and was invested in helping and educating me. I was so relieved to find out that EVERY symptom I had, big or small, had a correlating reason in my lab work. They helped me to feel like my symptoms weren’t all in my head and to be hopeful that things could improve! I used to feel so awful and when people would say, “Wait until you’re old,” I would think to myself that I already felt “old.” After working with BeWell, I feel young again! I have my energy back, I can keep up with my young daughter, I’m a better employee, and all my symptoms are all in remission! Plus, I lost weight and feel great! I’ve gained a better awareness of my body and mood from working with Angie so I don’t believe I’ll ever backslide that far again. I’m so impressed that I’m bringing my family in for their own appointments! I can’t say enough about how it’s worth the investment! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.Y., Woodland, PA

Relief from Fatigue – Absolutely Love the BeWell Team!

Absolutely love the BeWell team. I was thrilled to find someone that listened to me and my health and look at it from a fresh perspective. Sometimes you just need a different perspective to find out what’s up. It’s great to be seen and heard and know that things are not just “in my head.” Thank you, BeWell!!!

L.W., Greencastle, PA

Adrenals and Fatigue Issues Solved!

I have been seeing Monica for nearly 2 years. What a Godsend she has been! Within 5 minutes of my initial visit she had me “figured out.” It was that last missing piece of the puzzle of my illness that had me half “crazy.” No one else had an answer. The medical community was helpful but also frustrating to the point which Monica picked up. As a nurse myself, it was great to see that she respected the knowledge and treatments of the medical community and they respect her and her care for her clients. They worked great together! Monica, you know it has been a trying time for me emotionally and physically. Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me and seeing me to wellness again!

J.B., Belleville, PA

Way More Energy – Migraines Gone

“My periods returned and became regular after one month on the program. I feel happier overall, don’t crave carbs anymore, and I’ve lost 12 pounds of fat, not muscle, in two months. I have way more energy and my migraines are totally gone. All my digestive problems have completely cleared up and I’m looking forward to having a healthy baby in the near future. The cost of this program was the best money we’ve ever spent.”

K.A., Rebersburg, PA

Reflections From A Student Observer At BeWell

From my experience as a student observer at BeWell Associates, I learned not only about the field of holistic medicine, but also how extremely kind and helpful the clinicians are at BeWell. The focus for their clients was not just to provide a cure, but to increase the health and wellness in all aspects of their patients’ lives. BeWell’s programs are specifically designed to their patients’ lifestyles and never deviate from the overall purpose of increasing one’s well-being. Through my hours of just simply observing, I have seen patients’ lives change for the better and the endless positivity resulting from BeWell’s programs! I would without a doubt recommend BeWell’s services to my friends and family. I have seen how effective their programs are in not only treating physical health, but mental health as well. They have an unbelievable success rate with their patients and I would recommend their treatments to anyone wanting to improve their health! As a college student and kinesiology major, nutrition plays a large role in my life. Through my experience in the kinesiology field and as a college student, I have been able to see the role nutrition plays in life. Nutrition determines my mood, behavior and just about every aspect of my everyday activities. However, I share a common struggle with most young and older adults when it comes to nutrition, and that is time management. A simple stop at a fast food restaurant or purchasing a bag of chips from the market are always taunting resources when it comes to eating with such short free time. That being said, there are ways to avoid these unhealthy options and through my time at BeWell associates I have learned healthy and quick alternatives to combat my hunger throughout my day. Thank you again for the experience, I will keep in touch!

Brad Halley, Penn State University, State College, PA