Your First Visit


What you can expect at your first appointment with BeWell.

After scheduling your first appointment you’ll receive an invitation to our Practice Better Software. This will allow you to have access to your intake survey and all of your clinical information as well as upcoming appointments. You will receive an email with our New Client Questionnaire and Body Chemistry form to fill out for your Clinician to review prior to your appointment. We ask that this be completed at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to give your Clinician time to review your health history and learn about your needs and concerns.

Your first appointment with your Clinician will be either via zoom or in-person and last 60 minutes.

During your first visit, your Clinician will  provide a basic health assessment based on the intake survey, a comprehensive review of your heath history and personal concerns, any labs, bloodwork or test results that were done prior to your first appointment.

By the end of your first visit you will have a personalized protocol to start moving you towards your goals, which will include:.

  • Written recommendations for dietary changes.
  • Any initial supplements
  • Suggested testing
  • Handouts to support you on your wellness journey
  • Suggested follow up care