The immune system protects the body against infection and the development of cancer.

Recurrent or chronic infections, even very mild colds or mouth sores, are signs that the immune system is weakened.  Supporting immune function requires a comprehensive approach.

Here at BeWell Associates we rebuild immunity by addressing the following influences on the immune system:

  • Stress, especially emotional stress
  • Diet: adequate proteins & vegetables, minimal sugar
  • Sleep quality
  • Nutritional deficiencies


Doctor Referral To BeWell Leads To Better Health

After going to a gynecological specialist at a prominent medical center for a year, the doctor said that he didn’t know how to help me, so he gave me Monica’s name and phone number. Monica not only helped me with that health issue, but she also helped me clear up a rash that the dermatologist said I would have indefinitely. By having functional testing done, following Monica’s suggestions, and taking supplements, my overall health has improved, I have more energy, and I sleep better. Monica and her staff take a personal interest in their clients and really care about helping them improve their health. I highly recommend them.

JP.H., Carlisle, PA

Chronic colds and sinus infections licked

I’ve been meaning to email you, & I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling relatively well. I’ve been able to fight off several viruses since I saw you last. Even a bout of dizziness, When the virus’s come my way & they do & I feel them, I take the suggested supplements & they help! I truly want to say that I’m 98-99% better than last year!!! Thank YOU very much! You’re the best!

R.B., Port Matilda, PA

Increased Immunity No More Colds

I’m happy to report that I made it through winter without a single cold. I’m getting stronger. I took your suggestion of increasing my Vitamin C, and went up to taking 2,000 mg. a day. It’s amazing the difference in my overall health and energy level since I came to you for help, Monica. You have been an answer to much prayer on my behalf. Thank you so much!

K.C., State College, PA

I Feel More Balanced

I’m not a fan of fad diet programs or prescription dependence to regulate my health so I was intrigued by natural Monica’s approach. After a year-long work project that undermined my overall wellness, I started working with Monica to reorient my habits, rebuild my immune system and create new, healthy eating habits. Her diagnostic tools are sound and thorough. During the process I learned that I have a dairy food allergy and that was at the core of my digestion issues. I also added a supplement regimen that has made me look and feel healthier. Gratefully, I feel more balanced and in control of my health. I highly recommend Monica to help you with overall wellness.

T.D., Philadelphia, PA

Improved Immunity & Decreased Symptoms Associated with RA

Still feeling pretty good and I just wanted to share some good news with you…. My CT of the chest in 2014 showed enlarged 2.2 cm Right Swollen Axillary Lymph Nodes (prior to even starting the Methotrexate). Had the axillary lymph node excision, all were benign. Lymph nodes were still enlarged so I had an MRI in February 2016 which showed 5 cm enlarged right axillary lymph nodes. I saw you in March 2016, started all of my detox, vitamins and amino acids……I had a CT today of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis…..the swollen lymph nodes are COMPLETELY GONE!! They couldn’t even get a measurement on them. So, I feel confident that I will get the RA under my control. A big THANK YOU to you!!!!

M.W., Frostburg, MD

Immune System Support

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am feeling much better. In addition to the supplements you suggested, I changed my diet to eat a lot more protein and veggies (and started making smoothies with Vega) and I think I’ve kick-started my immune system. Thank you so much for meeting with me and helping me get to a healthier place!

R.R., State College, PA