Be prepared for cold & flu season

Be prepared for cold & flu season

Be prepared for cold and flu season by following a few simple tricks.

When I feel a cold coming on, I increase my fluids, reach for my favorite immune boosting supplements, and start thumping my thymus gland! My what?? Well, here’s a simple way to help your body produce more white blood cells to fight that infection and improve your energy too.

What does it do? It stimulates your immune system, by creating vibrations that stimulate an increase in the maturation and release of white blood cells. Some people find it calming and energy boosting as well.

How to do it? Gently tap or thump on the thymus gland, which is located above your sternum. Here’s a simple demonstration, she demonstrates three different “thumps” but the thymus thump specifically begins at :40.

Contact us to find out our favorite “have-on-hand” kits to ward off a cold or flu. We will determine which kit is right for you. 

And as well all know, stress plays a role in immunity — the more run down we become the more easily we get sick.

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