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Kids Immune Bundle: It’s that time of year again–germs are spreading as temperatures drop and families gather. Don’t worry, BeWell has you covered and has savings for the whole family!  We put together a family immune support bundle that works for both kids and adults. Our top three products to protect your littles ones, while […]

Raising Kids

Sanity amidst the chaos Years ago, younger and with all the time in the world, clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle became a priority. As I grew my family and time became more scarce, healthy eating became more and more of a challenge. Now, in the thick of raising three kids, I can say […]

Navigating Allergies

Allergies are a common occurrence and present a complex web of immune responses that can baffle even the most seasoned medical professionals. Traditionally, allergists have used the prick test and measurement of immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels in the bloodstream to identify allergens. Today, however, the landscape of allergic reactions is evolving, shedding light on the […]


Finally Heard and Helped!

I am happy to share my experience with BeWell. I was having GI problems, insomnia, chronic UTI/ kidney issues along with a full-blown case of Menopause/ hormonal imbalances. Family Doctor and Urologist couldn’t/ didn’t help me. However, with updated labs obtained through BeWell, along with their guidance with supplements and diet, I have been able to share my results with my OBGYN and together they came up with a plan to help me get back to me! If you feel like you’re not being heard or helped, I would highly recommend BeWell and its services.

Colleen R., Olanta, PA
Significant Improvements

After five months working with the BeWell team, I have experienced significant improvements in my overall well-being. I came to my initial appointment with a variety of ailments including brain fog, anxiety, and fatigue. Laura was able to suggest a few supplements based on my symptoms before diving deeper into the roots of my issues to build a customized plan. I was honestly surprised at how quickly I began to feel better. Every aspect of my plan was thoroughly communicated to me in a way that I could understand and was given constant support and feedback on my progress.

Scheduling, meetings, and checkout procedure are seamless. Team members are at the height of professionalism. I Highly recommend BeWell Associates to anyone looking for a natural approach to their health.

Rachel H., Penfield, PA
Excellent Customer Service Sets BeWell Apart

I just wanted to let you know that [Office Manager] Lydia provides excellent customer service. She is efficient, pleasant, and helpful. I know this must be a busy time with the supplement sale going on but she was excellent. That’s one of the main things I like about your business – when you call you get to talk to a real person who knows you and cares about you.

Thanks for all you do.

Pam H., Carlisle, PA


Weight Loss and Great Numbers!

Thank you for helping me get on the right road and getting my body to function properly. As of now, I am down 31 pounds and feel much better. Knowing what to eat and when to eat it has made it much easier, and I am never hungry. Thanks again for helping me not become a statistic as a diabetic. It takes some work, but I think it is better than finger pricks, prescription meds, or insulin shots. I’m happy with my recent numbers and my doctor is also. My A1C is down from 6.6 to 5.7, just .1 away from “normal,” total cholesterol down from 193 to 137, triglycerides down from 123 to 65, LDL down from 124 to 79, and my risk of stroke/heart attack went from 4.39 to 3.04, considered “low.” Thanks, Monica!

Jim R., Huntingdon, PA


From Skeptical To Believer

I was skeptical about calling BeWell because I thought that I would have to make hard changes to my diet and lifestyle. My daughter convinced me to call because she did not want me on a lot of medications. I am so glad I made that call. The changes have been easy. The BeWell Team are so knowledgeable and so helpful. I am feeling better than I have in years. I am off my reflux medicine, I am making better and healthier eating choices, I have the energy to exercise, and I walk every day. I have no inflammation, no bloating, no aches and pains. I have lost ten pounds. I don’t miss bread or dairy at all! I would recommend BeWell to anyone!

Nellie C., Martinsdale, PA
Help For Pain And Food Allergies

I have lived for many years with pain and food allergy issues. Recently I was told that I have autoimmune problems, but with no answers to my question – why? Doctors just wanted to give me prescription medicines to deal with the pain. I didn’t want to go down that road of constantly taking prescriptions that only mask the problem. I know that there has to be a reason that my body is being affected the way it is. I am glad that I have found BeWell Associates to try to help me figure out all of my food allergies and health issues. Only one blood test will check for 90 different food allergies – this amazes me! So I went for the blood test, and am now awaiting the results to come back. I’m trying to have patience as I await these results. I have already noticed a difference in my health and pain issues just by cutting out some things that they advised me to stop eating. So I’m grateful for the improvements to date and look forward to knowing more in the future. Thank you BeWell!

Lila S., Alexandria, PA

BeWell Online Store

Products in our store include the following brands: Allergy Research Group, AOR, BioSil, Biotech, Biotics, DaVinci, Douglas Laboratories, Designs for Health, Emerita, Emerson, Hydrion, Himalaya, Integrative Therapeutics, Klaire Labs, Life Extension, Metabolic Maintenance, Metagenics, MyKind Organics, Natural Vitality, Nature’s Way, Nordic Naturals, Pondera, Pure Encapsulations, Remifemin, and Shaklee.

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Winter Sale date are here!
It’s December 1st, do you know what that means? SUGAR SEASON IS UPON US!
🎄Decorating sugar cookies with the kids.
🎄Hot chocolate at the Christmas market.
🎄 Co-workers gifting homemade fudge.
It can feel like every time you turn around, there’s another sweet treat being offered from now until New Years.
🚨Exciting news in the nutrition science world!🚨
🔬 Results from a recent clinical trial published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences shed light on the incredible impact of berberine on metabolic profiles (aka, sugar management in the body).
The study focused on overweight participants with impaired fasting glucose, exploring the effects of 188mg of Berberine twice daily for 60 days.
The findings were IMPRESSIVE:
✅Nearly a 12% decrease in fasting glucose in the berberine group!
✅Placebo group showed a 4% decrease. That means the berberine was 3x more effective than the placebo!
✅Additional positive outcomes included improvements in total cholesterol, fasting insulin, ApoB/ApoA, visceral adipose tissue, and fat mass.
The results of this study mirrors the benefits reported in previous trials, supporting the positive impact of berberine supplementation on glycemic and metabolic control.
📣The best news of all? No adverse effects reported! 📣
Whereas diabetes medications like metformin and semaglutide (Ozempic) can cause side effects such as chronic nausea, diarrhea, bowel obstruction, and anemia, the use of berberine is proving to be completely safe!
Talk to your BeWell clinician about the possible benefits of berberine for your individual biochemistry, especially during the sugar season!
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Here are 5 areas of your garden you can tend to between Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid burnout and keep your immune system & mental health vibrant:
Just like a garden is only as healthy as it’s soil, our bodies are the first place to check for our overall health.
In order for something to grow, we have to clear our garden bed of weeds and other debris. So, too, the mind needs to be clear in order for positive ideas to take root.
It’s time to plant new seeds. What do you want to grow this year? Whatever you give attention to is what will flourish, so choose consciously.
Weeding is necessary to keep your garden looking beautiful and for the plants you want to grow to flourish, and your home is no different.
As always, getting outside is the best way to connect with the season and get inspired. Go on a crips walk or fill your bird feeder and watch the show. Every conscious choice you make to align with the slowing energy of late fall/early winter will come back to you tenfold in joy and rest.
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A very special happy birthday to BeWell's Director of Clinical Supervision and Education, Laura Kelly M.A., MSACN, LDN, CNS!
As an experienced Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Laura’s approach to health is highly personalized and evidence-based with a focus on biochemical interactions between all body systems.
Her goal is to identify the underlying causes of disease through an advanced understanding of biochemical nuances and a thorough investigation of clinical presentation, medical history, laboratory assessment, and functional testing.
Laura works to empower clients by helping them understand their unique biochemistry and how they can take control of their health naturally and sustainably through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to create lifelong wellness.
BeWell is grateful to have such a brilliant and caring clinician on our team. Happy birthday from the whole BeWell team, Laura!

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