Weight Management

Whether you are looking to lose, gain or maintain your weight, BeWell has a personalized approach to help you achieve your weight goals.

We recognize that no two bodies are the same and there can be underlying causes that are limiting your ability to achieve success. Testing for hormone imbalances and food allergies/intolerances are just two of the ways we can approach those extra pounds or unwanted belly bloat.

We use functional testing to guide the rebalancing of your metabolism, realistic dietary programs, compassionate coaching and dedicated support from our expert weight management specialist.



This Is NOT Just Another Weight Loss Program

After 20 years of yo-yo dieting, I thought the BeWell Program was just another weight-loss program. I soon realized that I was wrong!! From my first session, we focused on the nutritional value of foods and my emotional eating. They really listened to everything I was telling them and each week they would give me support and motivation to stay on the program. I learned so much about myself, the food I was eating, and the emotions that led me to overeat. Thanks for helping me feel better, emotionally and physically!

C.J., Sunbury, PA

Diet Changes Improved Weight Loss

If it were not for BeWell’s dedication to my well-being, knowledge of healthy living and her belief in what she does, I would not be healthier today. I am a total believer that the change in my diet, the increase in exercise and the addition of whole food supplements work. Thanks for helping me get healthier!

G.S., State College, PA

Thank you BeWell for Weight Loss Success!

I highly recommend a visit with BeWell if you want to really figure out what the root of your health, pain, and physical issues are. While I’m still a work in progress, [BeWell] has been instrumental in recommending changes in nutrition and lifestyle that along with a good workout program have changed my life in ways that I never felt possible. At 53, I am in better health than when I was 35 years old. I am excited to continue this journey to physical and mental wealth for the rest of my life. Thank you!

A., Smithburg, MD

Post-Menopausal Weight Loss

By sticking to the program and incorporating the recommendations by Caitlin, I have lost 10 pounds and my body fat percentage has gone from 31.4% to 26.8%. My skeletal muscle mass has stayed the same. I exercise moderately, 20 to 30 minutes a day, about five days a week. I don’t feel like I’m dieting. I eat when I’m hungry. In the past, I used to exercise a lot more and because I was eating so low fat, I was always starving! Read full story here.

Beth B.

Highly Recommended

Monica has given me my life back. Last summer, I became extremely sick. I stopped sleeping, was in and out of four mental hospitals, all within a few months. I had been to countless physicians trying to figure out why I wasn’t sleeping, I had lost close to 30 pounds, my blood pressure was high, and I was throwing up and gagging constantly. All I was told was that I had a severe anxiety disorder and that I need to be on antidepressants and blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. Finally, I was told there was nothing more they could do for me and assigned a county case manager. That’s when Monica came into my life. I did the TRIAD test to find out that I had SIBO, leaky gut, and severely depleted amino acids. I finally had an answer to what was going on with me when no one else knew or really cared. It has now been 8 months that I have been working with Monica. The supplements that she has given me have made me feel a thousand times better. My stomach pain has gone away and most nights I sleep now. I had no idea that nutrition was so important. I went from barely able to function, to being able to take care of my two wonderful kids and my husband. I no longer have a case manager, I’m off the blood pressure medicine, and I don’t take antidepressants. My experience with BeWell Associates has been nothing but wonderful and I constantly recommend them to everyone I meet. I am still continuing to work with Monica on healing my body but you can trust that Monica is a caring, kind, loving person who wants to help you.