We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from customers who’ve tried CBD from BeWell. The’re enjoying  the many benefits of CBD.

Phytocannabinoids help support:

• Pain & a healthy inflammatory response
• Brain health and function
• Positive moods and outlook on life
• Immune health
• Gastrointestinal health
• Appetite regulation
• Heart health
• Well-regulated metabolism

Last week our usually quiet delivery person mentioned that he was having some back pain as he eyed the large carton containing the water cooler we were exchanging.  He decided then and there to give CBD a try.  Sampling two Cannab 450 capsules and armed with the information sheet for the product, he left to finish his work for the day. Just a few days later, he returned and bought two bottles, declaring he had NO back pain at all after taking it.

Around this same time, one of our long term clients bought the Cannab FS 300 (oil with dropper) for her 16 year old Yorkshire terrier.

Max, the Dog, was no stranger to special treatment, as his owner had eased his symptoms from severe environmental allergies, hemorrhagic gastrointestinal disease, and collapsing trachea with grain-free, home-cooked meals. Despite these improvements, Max continued to struggle with arthritis in his hips from a degenerated disc, which made walking hurt.

Weighing in at just five pounds, Max’s owner was given about three drops of Cannab 300 oil in his food.  Max’s owner reports he can tolerate this same dosage two times in a day with a meal, although it’s rare that he needs the double dose.

These days, after giving him the drops, the dog “who could barely walk now runs around their yard like he hasn’t done in years! Using the CBD oil made a remarkable difference! He walks normally now!” says Max’s happy owner.

Once, mistaking the dropper for his antibiotic, Ma