Identifying A Food Allergy Can Change Your Life!

Emily, 34, came to BeWell with severe diarrhea that was seriously affecting her daily life.  She was having urgent diarrhea, up to five times each day, accompanied by strong smelling gas and constant bloating.  She couldn’t pinpoint the offending foods.

She also had concerns about recent weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, food cravings, and wanted a nutrition overhaul as she was considering starting a family. She is a former collegiate athlete with history of repetitive use injuries that have impacted her joints and current activity levels.

Given Emily’s symptoms, especially the explosive diarrhea directly following a meal,  we ordered Food Allergy and Food Sensitivity testing along with an Organic Acid test to evaluate her nutritional status. Her IgE Food Allergy testing revealed a surprising yet significantly finding. Emily had a moderate allergy to turkey.

This meant every time she ate turkey, her body reacted and ultimately rejected it. In Emily’s case, it presented as urgent diarrhea accompanied by gas and bloating. As it turned out, Emily was eating turkey for lunch. Every single day.

As soon as Emily stopped eating turkey, and added supplements to heal and repair the lining of the intestines, her gut symptoms disappeared almost immediately.  She had no more diarrhea, urgency, bloating, or stinky gas.

Even though her gut symptoms resolved quickly Emily continued working with BeWell to improve anxiety, cravings, and set the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. She is currently pregnant with her first child, has successfully stopped taking her anti-anxiety medications, curbed her cravings, and is feeling great.

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