Donna D., 61 years old came to BeWell looking for a sense of direction to maintain overall health for longevity.

Such a difference in just a month! Joint pain, insomnia and digestive distress all gone.

Her initial visit revealed that she is a breast cancer survivor and has undergone both a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. She is very active and interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while aging. She enjoys walking her two dogs, and most days tracks upward of 10,000 steps. Although she tends to be very active, recent joint (knee and hip) and muscle pain has impacted her ability to walk. Her decreased activity level has caused unwanted weight gain.

Her initial intake also revealed chronic constipation (for which she was using Miralax daily), stomach discomfort, nausea, gas, mild bloating, and a loss of taste for protein foods. Most of her digestive troubles occur when she eats sweets, greasy food, or too much “roughage”. She reports being exhausted by 5 pm and having trouble sleeping.

While she is mindful about eating healthy and being active, making a few some small, targeted dietary changes and adding just a few supplements have provided immediate symptomatic relief. The client’s clinician identified oxalate sensitivity as a possible cause of her joint pain and advised her to remove gluten, a high oxalate food, from her diet.

She also started Donna on a specific form of magnesium for improvement in her muscle pain, constipation, and sleep. She recommended a higher target amount of dietary protein, which Donna was under-consuming, and boosting fresh foods containing more fiber and antioxidants. Lastly, she added a gentle digestive enzyme to improve gas, bloating, nausea, and her dislike of higher protein foods (which Donna can now digest).

After one month of making these changes, Donna reports no joint or muscle pain, has stopped the Miralax and her bowels and digestion are completely normal. She is sleeping better and feels less exhausted at the end of the day, and has dropped ten pounds.  (Please note that rapid weight loss such as this is most likely from a combination of fat loss as well as decreased inflammation, less water retention, fecal retention and bloating.  Weight loss is more complex than just fat loss.)

She continues to work with BeWell on eating balanced whole food meals for continued weight loss.

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