Laura & Justin say “I Do”

Laura & Justin say “I Do”

It’s official! I married my boyfriend of 13 years (yes, really) on a perfect, crisp Saturday in October.

When I met Justin, I was an American history major. Neither nutrition nor anything in the sciences was on my radar. But one semester before I was due to graduate with my bachelor’s in history, I changed my major to nutrition science – thanks to Justin’s loving support. “You stay up reading your Nutrition textbook for fun!” he pointed out, “I think this is something to really pay attention to.”

I’m so grateful for his metaphorical permission slip. It gave me the confidence to pivot and invest the following 8 years into building this career that brings me so much joy!

Our nuptials were held in Baltimore, Maryland, at Justin’s business – a boutique furniture gallery and manufacturing facility! The entire setup was extremely DIY, and I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out. Justin built everything from the deck on which the ceremony took place to the light fixtures in the dining hall to the drink bar, complete with a working sink and ice. For me, the prep may have been the most romantic part of it all.

We were fortunate to have nearly the entire BeWell team attend our special day. It was special to host them in our little Baltimore world outside of State College, PA, and to spend the night getting down on the dance floor with my colleagues.

Thank you to all of my BeWell clients for the good wishes during my week out of the office. It was truly a special, sacred time, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now for planning that honeymoon…

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