Your body is phenomenal. It can be difficult to conceptualize what we are truly capable of as human beings. Your health, happiness, and choices today can affect your future children before they are even conceived. To offer the best foundation possible, it’s essential to make healthy choices.

There are many different sources of disruption in fertility for both men and women, including stress, infection, weight, long-term oral contraceptive, nutrition deficiencies, heavy metal or chemical exposure, high alcohol intake, estrogen dominant disorders and estrogen exposure to males, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation and age. While some infertility factors are beyond your control, nutrition, and lifestyle are within your control and can contribute to the overall health of future children.

With our world and food becoming more toxic, and our lives becoming more stressed, we see a rise in chronic illnesses in children. We do not have control over the world around us, but we are responsible for what our lives look like and what we choose to put into our bodies.

Healthy fertility includes detoxing, eating the right diet, drinking enough water, taking the right supplements, and managing stress. How can you prepare yourself for a healthy conception and pregnancy that offers a solid foundation for your future child?

1. Healthy weight. How you eat and what you eat are both important. Diets do not work, and therefore slowly making healthy lifestyle and nutritional changes for the long term is optimal. Balancing blood sugar throughout the day is key to weight loss. This is done by keeping to three meals a day without snacking for optimal digestion, balancing healthy protein, fat and vegetable intake, and avoiding refined carbohydrates. Movement is crucial as it keeps the body strong and keeps the body and mind in a natural, healthy flow that protects against stagnation. Stagnation of thoughts and of the physical body may lead to illness.

2. Mind your macros. Proteins are the building block of every cell in the body and are essential for overall health, detoxification, mood, sleep, energy, ability to de