Easy summer lunch ideas

Easy summer lunch ideas

Rather than asking what you eat, as I often do with clients, I thought it would be fun for me to turn the tables and share two of my favorite summer lunches.

Fresh ideas for salmon or tuna

This can either be canned wild salmon (I like Trader Joe’s) or tuna, over a bed of mixed greens. I really enjoy the salmon version with chunks of ppple, (Fuji or honeycrisp are great complements), celery, and a simple oil and vinegar dressing (I really like Paul Newman’s Organic olive Oil and Vinegar). Or add whatever raw vegetables you have on hand.

If I’m using tuna, I like to add cooked green beans and leftover potato and use a French vinaigrette seasoning that includes tarragon.

Sometimes I puree the canned salmon in my mini-food processor, adding either avocado, vegan mayonnaise, or just pickles and their juice, and salt and pepper to make a delicious and high protein spread for wraps or crackers. This can also be used as a dip. Great way to get protein into kids!

Do you need more carbs at lunch?

I find that I have more energy in the afternoon if I have 30- 50g of carbs for lunch. So, sometimes I will add chickpeas to these salads, leftover potato, beans, or two slices of gluten-free toast. I find that many of you don’t eat enough carbs at lunch and are hence fatigued by mid afternoon. Not everyone needs to eat low carb! And of course, the type of carbs you eat makes all the difference. Whole and unprocessed is best.

Turkey wraps

I really like the Mission brand gluten-free wraps. If I’m having sliced turkey as my protein, I like to use either hummus, guacamole, or a vegan mayonnaise spread.

I layer the turkey, and lots of greens. My favorite is arugula but I will add anything I find in the veggie drawer. I especially enjoy this wrap with thin strips of red pepper. Sometimes I’ll add red onion if I’m in the mood. Roll, cut in half and enjoy.

There’s infinite variability, which makes these lunches a good foundation from which to build healthy and satisfying meals. Have fun playing around with these recipes and if you come up with a combo you love, please share it with us!


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