How I’m coping in the pandemic

How I’m coping in the pandemic

It’s been an extraordinary two weeks for most of the country. For me, as a small business owner, last week saw a flurry of decision-making about how to serve our community while minimizing spreading the virus. This week we are implementing our coronavirus policy and learning how to work while “sheltering in place.” I know many of you are working from home, too, often with a house full of family.

I find myself profoundly grateful to be able to keep BeWell running. I’m so happy that we can continue seeing clients remotely and ship supplements that help you stay healthy and less stressed.

Take a moment to acknowledge all the good work you’re doing every day. You’re working hard to stay safe and well, keep your family safe, and hold it together during this unprecedented time.

But I do confess finding myself in an unusual state of ennui and fatigue. Last week I thought it was from all the “not knowing.” As many of those questions have gotten resolved, I realized my fatigue came more from wondering how we all can truly limit exposure to the virus. Social distancing is straightforward, but what about handling anything that comes in from the outside world? Knowing that the virus survives on cardboard for 24 hours, how do we handle those Amazon boxes and food packaging as well? The whole notion of treating the virus as the ever-present enemy is exhausting.

Once I realized the source of my fatigue, I did a few things to re-energize:

I researched ways to stay safe when handling packages. Now that I know what to do, I don’t need to stress about it. Check out this helpful article.

Do you need to get more information so that you have the power to act responsibly and safely? How will you get the knowledge you need?

I did what I knew would help me feel centered and grounded — I got into the garden! Spending most of the day, I created a new garden bed from my old raspberry patch. This involved lots of digging, which emptied my worried mind. I had gotten a timely newsletter from a local, organic farm and shop, Tait Farm, offering curbside pick up for seed packets and seedlings. Hurray!!

So I spent last night making a garden wish list and creating a layout of not only my new garden area but also what I plan to plant in my other two garden beds. I felt so happy doing every single one of these activities, most especially sitting in the newly dug earth sifting through weeds. With my dogs playing tug of war nearby, the silence permeated by bird song, it was heaven on earth.

I am feeling so much better today!

What activity helps you feel connected and revitalized? How often are you getting outside in the frsh air and sunshine? Can you make a plan to do it soon?

I chose two ways to inspire myself each day while taking a break from work and the news.

First, I discovered a beautiful BBC production called “Gardeners World” hosted by Monty Don. His soothing British accent and upbeat style is just what I need these days to keep my spirits up. I need reminders of all there is to look forward to in the beauty and bounty of nature, right in my backyard! I’ve decided to watch one or two episodes every day. I learn more about gardening, and I glimpse the beauty of the English countryside while we’re still in the gray days of early spring.

What is inspiring you to look forward to brighter days? What helps you disconnect from the news for a part of each day?

The final energy booster I implemented was to order some books online since I’ve finished my last batch from the local library. I love to read fiction but not on a device, so I treated myself to a few novels. I am so looking forward to their being delivered early next week. It reminds me of my youth when we would look forward to certain TV shows all week because they had specific showtimes, and that was the only time they were available. What a concept. In not having instant access, I’ll find joy when I do receive it.

What has self-isolation, and the other changes happening now, helped you appreciate and savor these days? Notice what’s important and what is really meaningful to you.

Let me know what you’re doing to ease the worry and inconvenience of these days. By sharing our coping ideas, we can help each other get through this challenging time. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


P.S. I’ve stepped up my research on finding ways to improve immunity, become resilient, and more resistant. That blog post is coming soon!

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