How to have less fatigue and more energy for what you love

How to have less fatigue and more energy for what you love

Fatigue is probably the most common complaint we see here at BeWell.

Everyone is tired!

Even if you’re not under emotional stress, just the demands of each day can drain you of your chi (life force energy). Simply having to be so productive day in and day out is very depleting.

Here are just some of the things that affect your energy and may cause fatigue:

  • Accumulating electromagnetic radiation from daily exposure (from all those devices we can’t live without)
  • Being overscheduled
  • Too much responsibility
  • Not enough spiritual connection with God and community
  • Chronic dehydration
  • Chronic and common nutritional deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and protein
  • Food sensitivities

Because we all can be subject to fatigue, it’s a good idea to know what your go-to energy boosters are and to practice them daily.

Here are some energy boosters that work for me:

  • Stop! Just stop. Take stock. If I’ve been sitting a lot, focusing on mental tasks, I feel the need to move. Either an outdoor walk or if not possible, running up and down steps, energizes me.
  • Take a breather. If I’ve been physically busy, running errands, cleaning or the like, I take 20 minutes to read a favorite book. Entering another world, breaking away from the hectic demands of life even for a few minutes, is amazingly restorative.
  • Stretch. This can be as simple as reaching your hands to the sky and twisting your torso left and right. It just gets the breath and the energy moving in your body.
  • Lie down. Again, this can be just for a few minutes, but the change in posture alters muscle strain and changes your breathing. Studies show that lying down resting can be as restorative as a nap.
  • Have a snack. Sometimes your engine just needs to be refueled! Am for a snack that includes a good quality protein.
  • Hydrate. Being dehydrated causes fatigue and a glass of good quality water can be very reviving.
  • Being attentive to the change of seasons, and adjusting your meals, movement, and rest accordingly can help reduce fatigue. And taking a few days to reset healthy habits will go a long way to keeping you energized.

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