Although we can’t control the world around us, there are things we can do to get and stay grounded and mindful during this time of dealing with the pandemic. We do have control over what we allow into our bodies and mind, and how we RESPOND to the world around us. Mindfulness teaches us how to do this.

Mindfulness benefits a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, cardiometabolic concerns, addiction, and fatigue. 

If you’ve been in my office, you’ve seen the saying, “Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes in and out of your body, mind, and spirit.” This powerful message can ground us and put the responsibility to care for ourselves back in our own hands.  

In this three-part series, we will discuss:

  • The benefits of mindfulness
  • How to cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness
  • How to incorporate mindful movement daily
  • Mindful and Intuitive Eating
  • Mindfulness for Insomnia

Part One: Why Be Mindful and Ways To Practice Mindful Movement Every Day

Ever notice while driving that you’ve arrived at your destination without knowing how you got there? It’s easy to end up on auto-pilot and forget to live in the moment. When you’re lost in your thoughts, you miss so much. And a lack of self-awareness, a disconnection from yourself, leads to poor decisions, poor health, and poor relationships.

With so many demands competing for your attention or when you are just tired and overworked, you can easily fall into unrealized patterns of emotion and behavior. You might eat without checking in with yourself to see if you’re even hungry, or you m