Headaches: What’s causing yours?

Headaches: What’s causing yours?

Headaches are one common malady with many different causes.

Here are just a few of the major ones:

Dehydration: drink 20 ounces of water and wait half an hour to see if your headache subsides, before you reach for the Advil.

If your headaches come with your menstrual cycles they’re most often caused by low progesterone. There’s a strong correlation between the stress hormone, cortisol, and progesterone, so during high stress, progesterone levels can become depleted.

Low blood sugar: when was the last time you ate? And did you have too much sugar and too little protein when you did?

Hidden food allergies: You wouldn’t know about these except through testing ( such as our TRIAD test ) since these headaches can come up to 48 hours after you’ve eaten the offending food so they are hard to connect.

Chronic muscle tension: You can try a calcium magnesium supplement to see if it helps your headache, as well as stretches, massage, and chiropractic. If none of those are effective you may need our input.

Let us help free you from chronic headaches for good!

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