Peanut Thai Mussels


2 pounds of Mussels
9 oz. pack of cherry tomatoes (I like the medley to give it color)
Olive oil
Wegmans Peanut Thai Sauce
Seafood broth/or white wine.
Parsley (dried)


First soak your mussels in cold water for about 15 mins draining one time rinse away the sand at least twice to make sure the mussels are not gritty.

While you are soaking your mussels, dice up the tomatoes and hold for later.

Drain your mussels.

Start with a deep sauce pan with a light coating of olive oil on the bottom about a tablespoon and turn on medium heat till you can see it start to shimmer. Add mussels to pan (it is ok if they are still a little wet). Put lid on pan until mussels slowly start to open slightly. This should only take about 2-3 mins.

Add bottle of Wegman’s Peanut Thai sauce and 1/2 of cup of white wine or seafood broth.

Mix mussels in sauce and let finish cooking for about 4 more minutes or till they are opened.

Remove the mussels from the pan leaving sauce.

Continue to cook sauce down till it thickens a little then pour over mussels.

Top with diced tomatoes and parsley and serve hot.