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Here are 5 areas of your garden you can tend to between Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid burnout and keep your immune system & mental health vibrant:
Just like a garden is only as healthy as it’s soil, our bodies are the first place to check for our overall health.
In order for something to grow, we have to clear our garden bed of weeds and other debris. So, too, the mind needs to be clear in order for positive ideas to take root.
It’s time to plant new seeds. What do you want to grow this year? Whatever you give attention to is what will flourish, so choose consciously.
Weeding is necessary to keep your garden looking beautiful and for the plants you want to grow to flourish, and your home is no different.
As always, getting outside is the best way to connect with the season and get inspired. Go on a crips walk or fill your bird feeder and watch the show. Every conscious choice you make to align with the slowing energy of late fall/early winter will come back to you tenfold in joy and rest.
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A very special happy birthday to BeWell's Director of Clinical Supervision and Education, Laura Kelly M.A., MSACN, LDN, CNS!
As an experienced Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Laura’s approach to health is highly personalized and evidence-based with a focus on biochemical interactions between all body systems.
Her goal is to identify the underlying causes of disease through an advanced understanding of biochemical nuances and a thorough investigation of clinical presentation, medical history, laboratory assessment, and functional testing.
Laura works to empower clients by helping them understand their unique biochemistry and how they can take control of their health naturally and sustainably through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to create lifelong wellness.
BeWell is grateful to have such a brilliant and caring clinician on our team. Happy birthday from the whole BeWell team, Laura!
🥧What team were you on this year?!
Tell us in the comments 👇
Thanksgiving has always been my very favorite holiday …. and also my saddest one. Thanksgiving, 1994 was the day before my father died, unexpectedly, during emergency heart bypass surgery.
As difficult as it is to lose a loved one during a holiday, it seemed fitting to me that he died during this one.  He was a man who embraced life and was grateful for  family and for  freedom, to enjoy the daily joys and sorrows of life. You see, he lived through a terrible part of history, WWII, with eyes wide open and yet able to be grateful despite all  that he saw and experienced.
His childhood and young adulthood were completely defined by the two World Wars, as he lived in the midst of war ravaged Europe. He was raised by his grandmother in a small rural village in eastern Hungary, while his mother served as a nurse on the Front during World War I. His father disappeared in Siberia.
As a young man he became an officer in the Hungarian Army and carried out many daring missions in Russia during the early part of World War II. The 70-man special forces ski unit that he led returned with only 13 survivors. He fought along the Don River in one of the bloodiest battles of the entire war. Again he was one of three out of a company of 100 men who survived not just the fighting but also the brutal Russian winter. I remember he once said that there were many situations from which he walked away in which he had no right to be alive.
I think he had extremely busy guardian angels. 
Later, as the Nazis took over Hungary, he risked his life countless times to deliver food, medicine, and clothing to the Jewish “Safe Houses.” Later, when there were no more safe places for Jews, he forged fake birth certificates for them, hid families and smuggled people along a network of hiding places into Allied territory.
Rather than take an oath of allegiance to the Communist Party after the 1956 Uprising, my father risked life and material security to flee to the west. By then he and my mother were married and I was a toddler, my mother pregnant with my little sister.
To read the rest of Monica’s article, click the link in our bio! You can find the complete article under “blogs”

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