Laura Kelly, M.A., MSACN, LDN, CNS

Laura KDirector of Clinical Supervision and Education

As an experienced Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Laura’s approach to health is highly personalized and evidence-based with a focus on biochemical interactions between all body systems. Her goal is to identify the underlying causes of disease through an advanced understanding of biochemical nuances and a thorough investigation of clinical presentation, medical history, laboratory assessment, and functional testing. Laura works to empower clients by helping them understand their unique biochemistry and how they can take control of their health naturally and sustainably through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to create lifelong wellness.

Laura has advanced training in metabolomics, microbiome, autoimmunity and immunology, nutrigenomics, nutrient metabolism, methylation, mood disorders, cardiometabolic disease, hormone imbalance, connective tissue disease, dysautonomia, allergic conditions, mast cell activation syndrome, and long Covid.

When she is not seeing clients or researching, Laura enjoys being with her family and friends, walking her dogs, and being in nature.