Life-Changing Success

I was skeptical that I would have any success when I began my consultation with Mary Kate because I had numerous tests and appointments with traditional medicine providers without any luck. However, after my first appointment, I completed the TRIAD testing, which revealed numerous issues. Mary Kate designed a program for me and in a matter of weeks, I was seeing major improvements in my leg pain, fatigue, and brain fog. I’ve lost 15 lbs and have significantly increased energy levels. Months later I am feeling better than I have in years and I’m very pleased with my progress.

I would encourage anyone to ignore any reservations they may have and just try a consultation. My results have truly been life-changing.

Brandi W, Lewistown, PA

Help For RA Symptoms

Day 2 of no pain!!! I can’t even tell you how this feels. Every day for the past year I have had some sort of pain in any given joint. 48 hours of NONE! Also, the vitamins must have revved something up, this week I am down 4 lbs and 6 inches. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Even though it has only been a week, I haven’t felt this good in longer than I can remember. Magical Monica to the rescue AGAIN.

JF, Punta Gorda FL

Chronic colds and sinus infections licked

I’ve been meaning to email you, & I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling relatively well.
I’ve been able to fight off several viruses since I saw you last. Even a bout of dizziness, When the virus’s come my way..& they do & I feel them, I take the suggested supplements & they help!
I truly want to say that I’m 98-99% better than last year!!! Thank YOU very much! You’re the best!

R.B. Pt Matilda, PA

Barrett’s Esophagus completely gone

I just wanted to let you know that I had my endoscopy and my Barrett’s disease is completely gone. After suffering with reflux and being on Prilosec and other PPIs for 17 years I’m off my medication and my esophagus is completely healed.
Thanks again, Monica. You are the best.

N.R., Huntingdon, PA

Blood Sugars, Digestion, Sleep, Energy all improved in 66 year old….it’s never too late!

Since we started working together five months ago I have been able to slash my 17 (!) prescription meds in half. And what’s even better is my A1 C is down significantly even over the Christmas holidays. My morning Blood sugars are much better and I’m finally starting to lose weight. My heartburn is completely gone even though I am off heartburn medication and sleeping better without sleeping pills. The restless legs have stopped. I’m happy to report that I no longer take naps and can keep up with my teenage granddaughter when we go shopping together ! I’m thrilled with my progress, and so is my doctor.
I can’t thank you enough, Monica. You’ve given me my life back.

C. H. Dubois, PA

Post-Partum facial tingling, anxiety, and insomnia gone in two weeks!

Thank you again for everything.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I have the opportunity to work with you on all of this.  It is quite amazing to me that I have gone from feeling like I am going to have a stroke because of tingling, to major anxiety, feeling absolutely beaten down and ending up in the ER 12 times since having the baby.  You have managed to help me fix all that within a months’ time!  I am forever thankful!!!  I cannot wait to see how much better I feel after taking this next set of vitamins.  You have made me a believer!

JBF,  Punta Gorda, FL

Chronic Constipation Overcome, other perks as well

You wouldn’t believe how grateful I am that I’m eliminating easily every day. Constipation has been a lifelong struggle for me and now it’s over. Thank you so much! I’m also sleeping more soundly and most of the back and neck pain are gone and joints are much better as well. I really appreciate your targeted approach based on testing. I now realize I was taking all the wrong supplements. You’ve made me into a firm believer in functional testing.

R.S. State College PA

Immune System Support

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am feeling much better. In addition to the supplements you suggested, I changed my diet to eat a lot more protein and veggies (and started making smoothies with Vega) and I think I’ve kick-started my immune system. Thank you so much for meeting with me and helping me get to a healthier place!

R.R. State College