Anna’s Testimonial

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From Skeptical To Believer

I was skeptical about calling BeWell because I thought that I would have to make hard changes to my diet and lifestyle. My daughter convinced me to call because she did not want me on a lot of medications. I am so glad I made that call. The changes have been easy. The BeWell Team are so knowledgeable and so helpful. I am feeling better than I have in years. I am off my reflux medicine, I am making better and healthier eating choices, I have the energy to exercise, and I walk every day. I have no inflammation, no bloating, no aches and pains. I have lost ten pounds. I don’t miss bread or dairy at all! I would recommend BeWell to anyone!

Nellie C., Martinsdale, PA

Help For Pain And Food Allergies

I have lived for many years with pain and food allergy issues. Recently I was told that I have autoimmune problems, but with no answers to my question – why? Doctors just wanted to give me prescription medicines to deal with the pain. I didn’t want to go down that road of constantly taking prescriptions that only mask the problem. I know that there has to be a reason that my body is being affected the way it is. I am glad that I have found BeWell Associates to try to help me figure out all of my food allergies and health issues. Only one blood test will check for 90 different food allergies – this amazes me! So I went for the blood test, and am now awaiting the results to come back. I’m trying to have patience as I await these results. I have already noticed a difference in my health and pain issues just by cutting out some things that they advised me to stop eating. So I’m grateful for the improvements to date and look forward to knowing more in the future. Thank you BeWell!

Lila S., Alexandria, PA

Doctor Referral To BeWell Leads To Better Health

After going to a gynecological specialist at a prominent medical center for a year, the doctor said that he didn’t know how to help me, so he gave me Monica’s name and phone number. Monica not only helped me with that health issue, but she also helped me clear up a rash that the dermatologist said I would have indefinitely. By having functional testing done, following Monica’s suggestions, and taking supplements, my overall health has improved, I have more energy, and I sleep better. Monica and her staff take a perso