Holistic Life Coaching with Annie Mascelli helps you make lasting changes in any area of your life through nurturing sessions that connect you with your personal vision and provide you with the tools to make it happen.

Sessions include practical strategies as well as emotional processing, all in a nonjudgmental setting. Coaching is a client-led, present-centered process — we look at where you are now, where you’d like to be, and how to get there.

Along the way, you’ll experience emotional healing, spiritual awakening, and productive living, each and every day.

Holistic Life Coaching Helps You Make Lasting Changes in any Area of Your Life

  • Increase your positivity and optimism
  • Release negative habits, worry, and fear
  • Make life-enhancing changes that create more balance and personal empowerment
  • Manage stress better, get organized, and refocus on your values and priorities
  • Create positive self-esteem and become more assertive
  • Find joy and meaning; connect with your life mission and purpose
  • Develop resilience — a skillful relationship with all your emotions
  • Deepen your compassion for and connection to yourself and others
  • Get more organized and learn to successfully pursue your goals
  • Navigate a difficult time or situation with grace and equanimity
  • Learn to set boundaries and speak your truth

Holistic Life Coaching is a unique form of growth work because it helps you change the root causes of feeling stuck from a positive, present-centered place in yourself, rather than from negativity or beating yourself up. During your sessions, we’ll create empowering shifts in how you view yourself and your world, and in your beliefs and your ability to follow through to achieve your goals. This work is client-led, so you’re never rushed, and it’s gentle, so you feel more vitality and enthusiasm for the change process right away. Sessions may include talking, movement exercises, processing feelings, brainstorming ideas, and practical tools and strategies.

How It Works

Holistic Life Coaching is offered by Annie Mascelli. Sessions can be via phone or in