Please Note: While we are still accepting new clients, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BeWell’s office is currently closed to foot traffic. All sessions are being conducted by phone or over the internet (Zoom or Skype).

What to Expect At Your First Appointment

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Fees For Clinical Nutrition Appointments

Initial Consult – Your First Appointment With Your BeWell Nutritionist

At your initial consultation, your nutritionist will go over your assessment questionnaires and ask additional questions needed to find out as much as they can about what you’re experiencing and what you need help with.

She’ll also review the options for Functional Nutritional Testing and work with you to determine if testing is needed at that time.

By the end of your first clinical nutrition appointment, you’ll receive a Customized Support Program and Plan with recommendations for what to eat, targeted supplements to take, and other lifestyle guidelines, all based on your goals.

You’ll be able to ask questions and get any clarifications on the recommendations either before you leave, or later via email, with your clinician.

When the appointment is complete, the office staff will help you fill your supplement order, which you can pick up at our office pickup bin or, if your appointment was by phone/Zoom, can be shipped to you.

For details about your pre-appointment assessment questionnaire, Start Here.


  • Initial Consult (adult) –  $225 ($275 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)
  • Initial Consult (spouse of client) – $200 (Save $25)
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student: — $200 (Save $25)
  • Initial Consult (child, 18 and under) – $140 ($160 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)

Test Results Analysis and Review 

If you opt for Functional Nutritional Testing, you’ll have a special appointment for reviewing your test results, after your nutritionist has had a chance to review and analyze the results. At the appointment, your clinician will explain what the information from each test means and what it tells youThese tests are like interviews with your body and the results let youknow exactly what your body needs in the way of supplements, foods, hydration, and exercise. Together, you and your nutritionist will formulate a manageable plan to move you toward vibrant good health.

Fees: $140 for one hour ($160 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag) This fee includes the time your clinician will take to analyze your test results in preparation for meeting with you.

Follow-up Appointments

After your initial consultation and/or test results appointment, you’ll see your clinician again in 4-6 weeks. At this time, you’ll review your Custom Support Program and make any changes based on your response to your program. Often there will be supplements to stop or add, adjustments to diet, or requests for more testing/information, all in order to keep you on track to resolving your issues. This first Follow- up is typically 30 minutes, but can belonger  if you need mortime. After that, the length and frequency of your follow up visits will depend on your needs and can be decided with your clinician.


  • Follow-up Consult: 60 minutes – $100 ($125 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)
  • Follow-up Consult: 45 minutes – $75 ($85 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)
  • Follow-up Consult: 30 minutes –  $50 ($60 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)
  • Follow-up Consult: 15 minutes –  $40 ($50 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)

Reassessment Consultation/ Tune Up Appointment

This appointment is recommended for clients who haven’t seen their clinician in over a year. So much can change in that time period that we’ll have you redo the intake and assessment questionnaires. Yournutritionist will review them before you meet to discuss any new issues and goals.

Fees: $135 ($150 with Senior Nutritionist Monica Montag)

External Lab Test Review

Would you like to understand what the lab tests your doctor ordered mean in relation to your nutrition and lifestyle choices? Submit your test results to your nutritionist and receive a written review.

Fee: $25

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Additional Charges

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