Enjoy these informational and practical webinars from BeWell’s Founder and Senior Nutritionist, Monica Montag.

Strengthening and Boosting
Your Immune System

Learn empowering ways to keep your immune system strong. After a short presentation, Clinical Nutritionist, Monica Montag answers questions and provides a practical plan for your immune system. 56 minutes

Sweet Wellness: Preventing
Diabetes For Life

Invisible changes in the body have caused diabetes to sneak up on more than 24 million American adults. Learn to detect the hidden symptoms and what to do about them. 50 minutes

Flowing Balance: Preventing
Urinary Tract Infections

Troubled by frequent urinary tract infections? What if there were natural ways to prevent them — beyond the usual cranberry juice and water recommendations? Learn how to be rid of these pesky, painful infections for good. 34 minutes