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11 09, 2019

Feeling Tired But Wired?

2019-09-11T13:42:07-04:00September 11th, 2019|adrenals, Blog, lifestyle changes|0 Comments

Some of the most common reasons clients seek us out are the confusing sensation of feeling totally exhausted yet unable to relax and often unable to fall and stay asleep. These symptoms are sometimes accompanied by severe dizziness and lightheadedness, difficulty waking up, and poor focus. On top of all this, the development of stubborn [...]

15 08, 2019

3 Great Reasons To Revitalize Your Self Care

2019-08-15T09:36:50-04:00August 15th, 2019|lifestyle changes, positive thinking|2 Comments

This week's post is from BeWell's Holistic Life Coach, Annie Mascelli: I don't know about you, but between summer travel, visitors, and an erratic schedule, I've gotten way off my usual routine of self-care. For me, that's yoga in the morning, lots of water, real meals of organic food, and a good night's sleep every [...]

26 07, 2019

The Depression – Anxiety – Insomnia Connection

2019-07-26T09:00:16-04:00July 26th, 2019|anxiety, Blog, Fatigue, lifestyle changes, positive thinking, Sleep|Comments Off on The Depression – Anxiety – Insomnia Connection

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? Tired during the day Can’t concentrate Irritable Moody Do you often back out of activities with family and friends because you feel a lack of energy and then feel depressed and isolated? Are you having sleep issues, such as: Tossing and turning as you try so hard [...]

2 05, 2019

Is Any Snacking Really Healthy?

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00May 2nd, 2019|Blog, Digestion, Digestive problems, healthy snacks, lifestyle changes, meal planning, Meal Planning, nutrition|Comments Off on Is Any Snacking Really Healthy?

We hear all the time that eating small frequent meals is best for overall optimal health and weight loss. But is it? In the search for a "healthy snack" are we missing an important point about snacking altogether? Is any snacking really healthy? Snacking can be healthy for SOME people, like those at the beginning [...]

11 04, 2019

How to Not Eat Away Your Stress

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00April 11th, 2019|anxiety, Blog, lifestyle changes, mental health, nutrition, positive thinking|2 Comments

Life can be so chaotic these days. Everyone is always go, go, go! Sometimes there is no time to check in with yourself just to make sure you’re okay. Many people live by a schedule that has them completely burnt out, some have created an unreasonably stressful life for themselves, and others just don’t have [...]

27 03, 2019

Interview With A Local Keto Dieter

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00March 27th, 2019|Blog, Detox and Weight Loss, Holistic weight loss program, lifestyle changes, meal planning, Meal Planning, weight loss plan, weight loss program|Comments Off on Interview With A Local Keto Dieter

Last week, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Mary Gowdy, explained the basics of the Ketogenics Diet as well as some of the dangers, in this post, The Keto Kraze: Is It For You?. This week she checks in with Dylan R., a local keto dieter, to see how he's doing. MG: What made you decide to do [...]

21 03, 2019

The Keto Kraze: Is It For You?

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00March 21st, 2019|Blog, Detox and Weight Loss, lifestyle changes, meal planning, nutrition, weight loss plan, weight loss program|Comments Off on The Keto Kraze: Is It For You?

Everyone is going crazy for the Keto diet. Keto bombs, bulletproof coffee, keto bars, keto, keto, keto … hold up! Ya’ll are making me nervous here! There are some fabulous reasons why the ketogenic diet can be a good choice for you, however, it is NOT a good choice for everyone. If you are hearing [...]

11 03, 2019

How To Go Low Carb/Low Sugar – It’s Easier Than You Think

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00March 11th, 2019|Blog, healthy choices for your pantry, lifestyle changes, magnesium deficiency, meal planning, Meal Planning, mineral deficiencies, nutrition, PMS|Comments Off on How To Go Low Carb/Low Sugar – It’s Easier Than You Think

You've heard it time and time again: lower carbohydrate diet plans and avoiding sugar will help you lose weight and feel great. Yes, it’s true. Sugar can cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, attention issues, acne, a higher possibility for gallstones and kidney stones, and osteoporosis. It decreases immune function, increases bacterial/yeast overgrowth in the gut, [...]

31 01, 2019

Mary Kate’s 7 Basic Needs For A Healthy Life

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00January 31st, 2019|BeWell Staff, Blog, holistic health plan, life lessons and love, lifestyle changes, nutrition, nutritionist, positive thinking|Comments Off on Mary Kate’s 7 Basic Needs For A Healthy Life

BeWell Associates is proud to congratulate our clinician, Mary Kate Gowdy, for achieving the highly regarded credential of Certified Nutrition Specialist. The integrative approach Mary Kate takes with her clients focuses on getting to the root cause of their symptoms and providing real solutions. While each person’s situation is complex, Mary believes that there are 7 [...]

4 12, 2018

Winter Routines For Staying Healthy And Fit: State College Version

2019-02-27T13:07:56-04:00December 4th, 2018|Blog, lifestyle changes, mental health, positive thinking|2 Comments

Imagine sitting on the beach next summer in the warm sun, feeling healthy and fit. How did you get there? By having a steady, winter routine, because what you do today will help set up your tomorrow. Have you heard people say, “When the weather gets warmer, I will walk outside.”? We do get stuck [...]