2 07, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

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Declare your independence from poor health! Be truly free! Be Healthy! Be Well! Take the first step with our 4th of July Special 14 Day Detox Program $109 All products and instructions are included. Online store code: FRE16 Offer valid July 7th ~ July 20th Save the Date! Our Annual Christmas in July Party Thursday, July 21 from 4-6:00PM More [...]

11 06, 2016

Build Muscle, Mood & Brain Function

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What Do Building Muscle, Mood and Brain Function Have in Common? Amino acids are the building blocks of every cell in our bodies.  They’re derived from protein rich foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, nuts and seeds.  Since we can't store excess amino acids for later use like we do fats and starches, they must [...]

21 05, 2016

Are You Missing this Important Mineral?

2019-05-27T11:19:53-04:00May 21st, 2016|anxiety, Blog, Fatigue, Heart Health, magnesium chelate, Metabolism|Comments Off on Are You Missing this Important Mineral?

Magnesium What do these symptoms have in common? muscle tics, twitches and spasms cramping of all kinds fatigue constipation anxiety heart palpitations and spasms such as angina They're all signs of low magnesium. 80% of the population is low in this important mineral. One hundred years ago the average intake was 500 mg magnesium per [...]

15 05, 2015

Choosing the Right Fish Oil

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Designs for Health fish oil products carry the TruTG™ seal, which are delivered in the form found in nature and are of superior TG potency. The TruTG™ seal guarantees a minimum 90% triglyceride-bound (TG) omega-3 fish oils, a level that is 40% - 50% higher than the industry standard for most TG fish oil concentrate [...]

13 09, 2014

Dump The Junk!

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Detoxification means purging the harmful toxins, or poisons, from our bodies.  This is a process that takes place in the liver.  The cleaner the liver, the more effectively we are able to burn fat.  Toxins are present in air, water, food, and the general environment. Since toxins are a constant in daily life, regular detoxification is an essential [...]

19 07, 2014

Healthy Aging – Body And Mind

2019-05-27T11:19:59-04:00July 19th, 2014|Blog, Metabolism|Comments Off on Healthy Aging – Body And Mind

The single most important thing you can do for healthy aging of body and mind is to keep your overall blood sugars LOW. Why? Because increasing blood sugars not only put on the dangerous belly fat, but the newest research is suggesting that Alzheimer’s is basically Type II Diabetes of the brain. Here are some [...]

21 09, 2013

Exercise for Your Blood Type

2019-05-27T11:20:02-04:00September 21st, 2013|Blog, Detox and Weight Loss, Metabolism|Comments Off on Exercise for Your Blood Type

So, you’ve decided to get in shape. Great! Now, where to begin? You’ve been told that any type of exercise is better than none, but is this really correct? Well, maybe or maybe not. Read on for one way to think about what type of exercise might be best for you. Most of us have [...]