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26 02, 2019

Resources For Your Health Concerns

2019-05-27T11:19:43-04:00February 26th, 2019|ADD / ADHD, adrenals, allergies, anxiety, babies with acid reflux, babies with severe colic, Blog, bone density, Bones and Joints, Brain and Mental Health, cleanse, constipation, cramping, Detox, Detox and Weight Loss, Digestion, Digestive problems, Fatigue, Food Allergies, food sensitivities, headaches, Heart Health, heartburn, Holistic weight loss program, Hormones, Immunity, infertility, Kids, leaky gut, mental health, nutrition, Sleep, Stress relievers, weight loss plan, weight loss program|Comments Off on Resources For Your Health Concerns

At BeWell, our clinicians spend hours keeping up with the latest health news, trends, research, and information. Much of their knowledge is collected in this blog, and you only need to use the Search feature to find articles, products, and testimonials about your concerns. To make it even easier, we have a "Health Concerns" area [...]

17 01, 2019

CBD: What You Need To Know

2019-05-27T11:19:44-04:00January 17th, 2019|Blog, Bones and Joints, Brain and Mental Health, Digestion, Fatigue, Heart Health, Hormones|1 Comment

One of the hottest new items to come along in health care in a long time is CBD.  It’s everywhere — in every form! Topical, pills, drops, vapes… it’s the magic pill everyone has been hoping and waiting for. Well, is it that? Maybe. We are seeing many benefits in our clients and the feedback [...]

13 05, 2017

Hemp Hearts

2019-05-27T11:19:49-04:00May 13th, 2017|Digestion, Heart Health, hemp hearts, holistic health plan, Immunity|Comments Off on Hemp Hearts

Hemp seeds are technically a nut and have a soft, creamy "heart" that has a buttery, nutty flavor They are an excellent source of nutrition: HEALTHY FAT: Hemp seeds are composed of more than 30 percent healthy fats, including the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid (plant-based omega-3), anti-inflammatory effect. They also contain gamma-linolenic acid, [...]

3 02, 2017

For the Love of Chocolate

2019-05-27T11:19:50-04:00February 3rd, 2017|Blog, Heart Health|Comments Off on For the Love of Chocolate

A favorite staple here at BeWell Associates, dark chocolate has many benefits that can help you stay healthy and feel great! We know it's delicious, but did you know these awesome facts about dark chocolate? Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart Chocolate lowers blood pressure and LDL 'bad' cholesterol!  Some say it even lowers the [...]

21 05, 2016