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11 01, 2020

Meet Our New Clinician, Monica Dobbs

2020-01-14T18:03:04-05:00January 11th, 2020|BeWell Staff, Blog, nutritionist|Comments Off on Meet Our New Clinician, Monica Dobbs

BeWell Associates is delighted to welcome Monica Dobbs to our clinical staff. Get to know this energetic, bi-lingual, Certified Nutrition Specialist and why she’s so passionate about holistic nutrition. BW: What first got you into nutrition? MD: I got into nutrition because a family member suffered from a painful GI disorder. I watched her day [...]

11 01, 2020

What Is A Certified Nutrition Specialist?

2020-01-11T14:07:30-05:00January 11th, 2020|BeWell Staff, Blog, nutrition, nutritionist|Comments Off on What Is A Certified Nutrition Specialist?

At BeWell Associates, both Clinicians,  Monica Dobbs and Mary Kate Gowdy have earned the designation, Clinical Nutrition Specialist. This means that, in addition to completing a master's degree in clinical nutrition, they have completed 1000 supervised hours of clinical practice, and passed a board certification exam to be able to use the Clinical Nutrition Specialist [...]

8 01, 2020