My name is Amy Mutnan. My journey in aesthetics has been amazing and enlightening. I have had the privilege of studying and practicing all the different aspects of aesthetics and skincare ranging from medical and surgical aesthetics to the elite spa and finally to private studio practice. All of these experiences have given me the background and knowledge to combine medial aesthetics and holistic healing together, to bring you AM SKINCARE.

With this holistic approach, I can honestly state that there is not a “one size fits all” regime for skincare or “quick fix” treatment. Through the use of effective modalities and professional products, I am able to address aging and tissue healing beyond the superficial levels. Healthy skin is not just what we see on the outside but starts from within the body meaning there is no quick fix. “Quick fix ” usually results in an inflammatory response creating more long-term problems. There are so many factors that play into what shows up on your face or body. My approach works to decrease inflammation, restore the skin’s natural barrier, and educate my clients about long-term healing. Our bodies are pretty amazing! By addressing & correcting skin health, I can help my clients restore their confidence and radiate their natural beauty!

To contact Amy:

Phone: 814-933-8504