Many thanks to the 72 people who filled out our survey! We appreciate hearing your thoughts and want to share the results.

Opinions vary greatly about what conditions are needed to return to in-person sessions, and the survey showed that phone and online sessions are serving our community for many reasons: convenience, ease, privacy, and low-risk, along with the fact that some clients don’t live locally. We plan to continue these sessions even after the risk from coronavirus has passed and we’re currently in the process of setting up a client portal to make telehealth sessions even easier.

One of the most important sentiments to come out of the survey was the trust you have in us to keep you and our staff safe. We take this trust very seriously and we will take our time to make sure that conscientious safety protocols are in place before in-person sessions resume.

For the now, we’ll continue phone and online sessions and we ask you to continue to order products from the online store.

Survey Results

Of 72 respondents, 77% have seen their nutritionist in the last year. Good job keeping up your focus on nutrition and refining your Custom Support Program! About an equal number of people came to sessions in-person as had sessions in multiple ways. This was no surprise, as we have many clients who have their sessions by phone or online because of distance or busy schedules.

The majority of people, 61%, see the resumption of in-person sessions as something at least a few months away, in the fall or beyond. This was not unexpected since the progression and resurgence of the virus are as yet unpredictable.

A full 70% of respondents are open to mixed meeting options in the future. This is exciting to us since we are soon to unveil a new client portal where you’ll be able to see all your recommendations and participate in a private, telehealth session with a click of a button.

When asked “what conditions would you require to return to in-person sessions,” the answers ranged widely, from unsure to none to over half (54%) of you asking for precautions such as masks, 6’ distance, no one in the waiting room, disinfection between clients, temperature checks, and contactless payment system. Many also mentioned waiting for signs, such as no new cases, etc, that the pandemic had passed as criteria for coming to in-person sessions.

As we consider the situation carefully, including CDC and state guidelines for office safety, we hold your trust in high regard. We want to continue our high standards of excellent care and keep you and our staff safe and efficient. We are so grateful to all of you for the trust you place in us and that we can continue to serve you over the phone and online.

We will keep you posted on any changes in service, but for now, we will continue to offer online and phone sessions only. Please give them a try if you haven’t yet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is and how well it works. And you save travel time!

Here are a few of the survey comments we received. Thank you so much for your support!

  • Thank you for your emails with wisdom and ideas. I really appreciate them!
  • Always pleased with Monica!😊
  • I am so grateful you have been there during these months of need. Thanks for the good support.
  • Thanks so much…
  • Just thank you so much for all the wonderful help you’ve given to me throughout this last 1.5! I am blessed to have found you and receive your guidance
  • I am blessed to have your expertise. I am thrilled at how much better I feel!!
  • Thank you for your support during these crazy times!
  • I enjoy the online sessions, which allow me to more easily fit them into my schedule!
  • Love what you all do for us!
  • What a great organization and wonderful customer service