At BeWell Associates, both Clinicians,  Monica Dobbs and Mary Kate Gowdy have earned the designation, Clinical Nutrition Specialist. This means that, in addition to completing a master’s degree in clinical nutrition, they have completed 1000 supervised hours of clinical practice, and passed a board certification exam to be able to use the Clinical Nutrition Specialist title.

As nutritional science continues to reveal how diet impacts health, metabolism, athletic performance and disease resistance, it’s more important than ever to identify nutritionists who have put in the time to gain the experience and education necessary to become experts in the field.

The Board For Certification of Nutrition SpecialistsSM (BCNSSM) created the Certified Nutrition Specialist®™ (CNS) designation to allow top professionals to display advanced standing in the field of nutrition.

These esteemed credentials are reserved for nutrition professionals who have achieved an advanced level of education and experience, and who have met specific examination and continuing education requirements.

Certified nutrition specialists are food experts who help clients or the public reach health-related goals by customizing meal plans. CNSs often work with people diagnosed with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and other chronic conditions. It’s their job to suggest the right eating habits that improve nutrition and overall health. A certified nutrition specialist begins by assessing each individual client’s needs. Then, the CNS promotes effective dietary changes by following the latest nutritional research. They’ll continue offering nutrition education and counseling while monitoring the progress of their clients.

Both Mary Kate Gowdy, MS, CNS, CHHP, RMTP, and Monica Dobbs, DCN(c), MSCN are available for in-person and telehealth sessions at BeWell Associates.

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