BeWell Associates is delighted to welcome Monica Dobbs to our clinical staff. Get to know this energetic, bi-lingual, Certified Nutrition Specialist and why she’s so passionate about holistic nutrition.

BW: What first got you into nutrition?
MD: I got into nutrition because a family member suffered from a painful GI disorder. I watched her day by day, suffering, trying to get better and unable to do so. I wanted to help her find healing and comfort using nutrition and the holistic approach. Helping her was my inspiration to look into food as medicine and began my journey into Clinical Nutrition.

BW: With a bachelor’s and masters in the field, what led you to go back for your doctorate?
MD: What led me to embark on earning my doctoral in clinical nutrition was my desire to become an expert in the field and to be able to impact other people’s lives, even more, using the holistic approach.

BW: What do you love most about working with clients?
MD: I enjoy working with people and seeing the positive effects on their lives and their community. One person at a time, I believe I can make a difference and turn the tide in the SAD Western diet and improve overall health.

BW: Why did you want to join the BeWell team?
MD: The BeWell team is doing something that is extraordinary when it comes to helping clients in their healing process. We share the same ideas of how to help clients using functional medicine, and I want to be on that cutting edge of science and nutrition.

BW: What is your biggest nutritional challenge when it comes to feeding yourself and your family?
MD: Many people in my family and friends are overwhelmed and confused with all the bad nutritional advice out there. I struggle with some family members. I try to teach them what is scientifically proven versus fad diets. But overall, I think that time to prepare healthy meals is one of the biggest challenges that most families encounter when it comes to nutrition.

BW: What’s the one thing you tell every client?
MD: I tell every client that you are what you eat, and you are responsible for your health, to take one day at a time and learn to listen to their body. Often our body tells us what is making us ill.

BW: What’s your secret indulgence food?
MD: Dark chocolate and pickled olives.

Monica Medin