AM: How did BeWell grow in 2019?

MM: We expanded our knowledge base by attending an intensive, 35-hour online summit on Chronic Lyme Disease, and we’ve added several new supplements we’re very excited about. Mary Kate and I are constantly learning so much about how nutrition can help every aspect of human health. It’s an endlessly fascinating field and we love to share what we know to help you all be your best selves!

We also created several money-saving Packages to make our services more affordable as well as offering 2 free online Challenges, the 5 Day Jumpstart Cleanse and the Healthy Habits Challenge. These are still available on our website and are free. Please share them with your friends and family to help them get healthier with these easy tools.

AM: What do you see as the big innovations happening at BeWell in 2020?

MM: We are super excited to welcome Clinical Nutrition Specialist and PhD candidate, Monica Dobbs, to our clinical staff beginning this month. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the NY Chiropractic College and is working towards her PhD in Clinical Nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health(MUIH). Monica D is currently offering telehealth sessions with clients, making our services even more available to clients living at a distance. Lucky for us, Monica D. is bi-lingual and can conduct her nutrition sessions in Spanish or English.

We’re also on our way to introducing a new Client Portal, where clients’ records, Custom Program Sheet, and handouts will be available and securely kept all in one place. Yes, we’re going digital! Clients will be able to message their clinicians directly, as well as have distance video appointments at the touch of a button. More on this coming soon!

AM: What is the BeWell “Team Approach”?

MM: This past year, we welcomed Amy Mutnan’s corrective skincare services and products, AM SKINCARE, and we also continue to host the private practice of Holistic Life Coach, Annie Mascelli. Along with our nutrition services, testing, and supplements, we are a collaborative one-stop-shop for a holistic approach to your health. I love that we cross-refer to each other and our clients feel comfortable coming back to a place they know and trust for various services.

AM: When are the 20% Off Supplement Sales in 2020 and how will they work?

MM: As most people know, we moved our December sale to January, to avoid the holiday crunch. The upcoming sale runs from Saturday to Saturday, January 18th – 25th. Our next sale will be in July, as usual. For each sale, people can order anytime during the sale days (online, phone, or in-house) and expect their supplements to arrive in 2-3 weeks (and often sooner).

We call this twice-yearly sale Client Appreciation Day because we are so very grateful to each and every one of our clients for their continued trust in BeWell.

I find it SO gratifying that the use of nutritional intervention to improve health has become mainstream…quite different from when I started talking with people about diet and supplements 30 years ago. It’s been quite the journey!!! And there’s so much still ahead!

(NOTE: The promo code for the supplement sale is NEWYOU2020.)