Client Appreciation 20% Off Supplement Sale!

Saturday, January 18th – Saturday, January 25th

Sale Details Instructions:
  • The sale prices will only be in effect during the sale week, no pre-orders.
  • Use the PROMO CODE: NEWYOU2020 at checkout in the online store.
  • Expect to get your order 2-3 weeks after the sale.
  • All questions about your custom support program and what supplements to take should be directed to your clinician (not the front desk).
  • While the use of the online store is encouraged, you may call the office to place your order during normal business hours.
    • Have your entire order ready including the full names of the products and the size of the bottle.
    • You must pay at the time of placing your order.
    • Due to a high volume of calls, you may need to leave your full name and phone number so we will get back to you as soon as we can. We can NOT accept orders left on our voicemail.
  • Check your Custom Support Program sheet for information about what supplements to order, or ask your Clinician.

SHOP JANUARY 18-25 using the Promo Code: NEWYOU2020