This week’s post is from BeWell’s Holistic Life Coach, Annie Mascelli:

I don’t know about you, but between summer travel, visitors, and an erratic schedule, I’ve gotten way off my usual routine of self-care. For me, that’s yoga in the morning, lots of water, real meals of organic food, and a good night’s sleep every night. I got all fired up this week to get back to that healthy routine, and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I can’t seem to be consistent about it. Usually, this means that by 3:00 pm, I’m dragging my feet and my motivation and snacking decisions go all haywire. Enter potato chips or dark chocolate. Sneaky devils!

Can you relate?

Why do I have more consistent motivation to help others, or work, or do just about anything other than my self-care? Why can’t I put myself first, just a little, every day?

I decided to come up with three good reasons to motivate my self-care habit, even if I have to restart over and over. See if these might work for you.


A study published in the journal, Population Health Management, shows that unhealthy eating is linked with a 66 percent increased risk of loss of productivity. And exercising only rarely is linked with a 50 percent increased risk of low productivity.

I love being productive. In fact, I sometimes tell myself I can’t exercise or eat right because I’m too busy being productive. Now I know the truth! Eating right and exercising will make me more productive (in addition to all the other incredible benefits). Win-win!


I’ve reached the age where my friends are having heart attacks, and getting cancer and pre-diabetes. According to the Mayo Clinic, a healthier lifestyle, including lots of movement, good food, and low stress, prevents arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, diabetes, and other immune-mediated illnesses.

I need to remind myself often that this information applies to me and not just other people. I can’t keep saying “tomorrow̶