This month marks one year that BeWell Associates was lucky enough to hire Caitlin Maher as our Office Manager. Caitlin is the person you talk to when you call or stop in, and she’s behind all the supplement orders that go out each week from the online store. We sat down with Caitlin this week to ask her how her year has been and to tell her how much we appreciate her. Caitlin’s answers to the Self Review we asked her to complete touched us so much, we wanted to share them with all of you.

BW: What accomplishments this past year are you most proud of?

CM: First, the large amount of knowledge I acquired in a short period of time related to running the office. I’m also proud of having learned about the functional testing, my understanding of supplements, and the basics of nutrition from a functional/holistic standpoint, then being able to communicate and act upon all of this knowledge.

BW: What motivates you to get your job done?

CM: Being as helpful as possible for the clients and the clinicians from both a customer service standpoint and a team perspective. I strive to minimize barriers and make clients’ experiences as positive as possible so that they can maintain their journey to optimal health. I do believe that my position plays a key role in maintaining clients at BeWell and increasing the chances that a client successfully adheres to and stays on their custom support program.

BW: What are your ideal working conditions to be the most productive?

CM: Having a team-like approach with easy and effective communication. I love the environment at BeWell, in which opinions are valued and communication is both generally positive and oriented towards providing the best services we can.

BW: What personal strengths help you do your job effectively?

CM: My readiness to communicate and pass along information—whether it be to clinicians or clients — so that everyone is on the same page. My friendly and easy-going nature helps provide a welcoming climate and a culture of positive well-being that sets clients at ease and helps communication channels flow. I also bring my willingness to learn and a commitment to doing something right which leads to a desire to correct mistakes and not settle for “ok.”

BW: What will you focus on in the next year to help you grow and develop?

CM: Streamlining processes and increasing efficiency of the front office. Learning more about supplements and test interpretation.

BW: Which job responsibilities/tasks do you enjoy most?

CM: Being helpful in general to both clinicians and clients. I like helping people figure out what’s best for them and their health.

BW: What do you like most about working for BeWell?

CM: The people (clients and co-workers) and the mission/purpose of BeWell. We are truly helping people and providing a space where they are listened to, valued, and seeing results that they haven’t previously in traditional medical settings.

BW: Where do you see yourself in the future?

CM: Pursuing higher education in nutrition or health &am