Parenting is a hard job. Your life changes forever when you have children. You now have a tiny person you need to protect and help grow into the best they can be.

Every parent wants their child to eat well. We know how important nutrition is to a growing child, but it’s a relentless battle with so many temptations and chances for kids to eat damaging foods.
We can bribe them to eat their veggies… “No dessert until you finish your broccoli!” But what is this really teaching them? We’re only creating a negative experience around food, especially the healthy foods we want them to eat.

Getting kids to eat more nourishing foods because they WANT TO is ultimately the goal of every parent. But how to do that without fighting or ultimatums?

Is it possible to make healthy food fun for kids?

The answer is, YES!

Here are 5 ways to get kids involved in nutrition and wanting to eat healthfully without any drama:

  1. For the younger kids, try a “learning tower” (children’s step stool) to create a safe area for kids to stand and be near the kitchen table or sink, to help with cooking.
  2. A wavy chopper knife is also a safe tool for kids to use to help with chopping and food prep. They’ll have a sense of independence and being able to cut and chop up food for their meals, and they’ll love the crinkle cut results.
  3. Kids are more likely to eat foods they pick out and prepare. Having kids pick a recipe to make by giving them 2-3 choices of recipes you would like them to eat. It won’t matter which one they pick because you’ll approve of them all, but it will give them a sense of control over their food.
  4. Plant a garden with your kids. They can pick the ingredients right from the back yard or planter. Try miniature (kid-sized) varieties of veggies. Even a simple herb garden on the windowsill will be fun and create an opportunity to teach kids about how food is grown and the benefits.
  5. Take your kids on a special food shopping trip just for them. Have them help you write a grocery list before and then they can have fun finding all the items. This is a perfect opportunity to show them all the options out there and how to choose wisely.

Bottom line — avoiding processed foods and getting your kids excited about eating whole, organic foods will help insure they are getting all the nutrients they need to focus and concentrate better, feel better, and reach their full potential.

Don’t stress,