Many thanks to the 124 people who took our 2019 Survey!

Here are the results of the survey. See how what’s on your mind for 2019 compares with other readers.

Who completed the survey?
We had 124 respondents, 95% of which were female and 68% were age 45 or older. Here’s the breakdown by age:

33% 46 – 55 years old
22% 36 – 45 years old
19% 56 – 65
16% Over 65
11% 18 – 35

What were the top-ranked Biggest Health Challenges?
While WEIGHT was by far the topic people cited as their biggest health challenge, 4 others were also of great concern. Here they are, in order of ranking. Is your biggest concern listed here?

1 Weight

2 Stress

3 Sleep/Fatigue

4 Eating Less Sugar

5 Digestive Health

What changes do people want to make in 2019?
The majority of respondents want to eat less sugar and carbs (and many are trying special diets to do that) in 2019. A close second was getting more exercise. Are you focusing on one or more of these changes this year?
43% Less Sugar/Carbs
36% More Exercise
23% Trying Special Diet
22% Meal Planning

What do people need the most help with?
Motivation was the top-ranked need, with further analysis showing that people feel stressed out about both making time to prepare healthy meals and knowing what to eat. This shows people know they need motivation AND information to meet their goals and health challenges. Just what we love to provide at BeWell!

Here are the top things people need help with, in order of ranking:

  • Motivation to start or stick to healthy habits
  • Finding time to prepare healthy food
  • Dealing with stress
  • Knowing what to eat
  • Accountability/Support for healthier habits
  • Emotional eating
  • Choosing the right supplements
  • How to prepare healthy meals
  • Making healthy choices at the grocery store

Topics people want to learn more about:
61% Quick and healthy meals
55% More energy/less fatigue
54% Better sleep
50% Weight loss
48% Eliminating digestive issues
45% Healthy snacks
45% Hormone balancing
40% Anxiety/Depression
38% Popular diet plans
35% Natural cold and flu remedies
31% Autoimmune issues
24% Benefits of functional nutritional testing
12% Help for your child
9% Lyme disease
3% Healthy pregnancy

.People are self-responsible enough to know they need help with meal prep and energy/sleep to achieve their other goals. Stay tuned, we’re planning future blog posts and articles on the top 10 topics.

Questions for a nutritionist?
Respondents were asked what question they’d like to ask a nutritionist. The questions covered a wide range of topics, from very general to very person-specific. We’re figuring out the best way to answer each and every question.