Imagine sitting on the beach next summer in the warm sun, feeling healthy and fit. How did you get there?

By having a steady, winter routine, because what you do today will help set up your tomorrow.

Have you heard people say, “When the weather gets warmer, I will walk outside.”? We do get stuck indoors some days, but creating a routine to keep you moving and getting outside more often in the colder months will benefit your physical and mental health.

Here are some fun ideas to keep you moving all winter long:

  • Go downtown! Meet a friend to walk, do some stairs in the parking garages, and have coffee.
  • Visit Appalachian Outdoors and get inspired to ski, hike, or skate. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. The First Fridays (of the month) are fun and free.
  • Set goals with a friend or co-worker. Challenge them to walk 10 minutes over lunch with you.
  • Bring your yoga ball to work and use this instead of a chair for 15 minutes.
  • Music can change your mindset, add a favorite playlist and do some pushups for one song.
  • Visit Tussey Mountain and ski or hang out by the fire. They have great daily specials and maybe you will enjoy a hike around the lodge or up Spruce Gap.
  • There are many yoga studios in town. With so many types of yoga and other classes to choose from, you can have a ball trying them out until you find the one that lights you up the most.
  • Check out the indoor farmers’ markets and eat seasonably. For higher nutrient density in fall and winter: eat more garlic, onions, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and kale. (Roast them all with olive oil, yum)
  • Try country skiing. Borrow a friend’s skis and try Circleville Park. They usually have a groomed trail.
  • The Bicycle Shop has rental bikes in warmer weather to cruise around. You may want to invest in a bike, and have it for years to come. You can hit some nice trails in Toftrees or Coyler Lake even in the cold.
  • Find a life coach to encourage and support you. They know how to keep you focused through the challenges so that when summer hits, you are your best self.