As BeWell Associates prepares to move their offices just across the parking lot, Founder and Senior Nutritionist, Monica Montag reflects on the past 30 years of service and looks ahead to what’s next.

BW: Why did you start BeWell?

MM: I started BeWell because I wanted to help people. I was introduced to holistic nutrition through my own health crisis when I developed severe eczema. Overcoming it using just nutrition was so exciting and empowering that I wanted to share it with all my friends and neighbors — which is precisely what I did. Pretty soon people were calling me for advice, and that’s how it all got started.

BW: How do you feel about the growth of BeWell over the last 30 years?

MM: I am amazed and humbled by how far we’ve come and by the loyalty of my clients over the decades. I never had a business plan; I never imagine what it could become.  All I did was try to help each person that came through my door and the best way that I could. I studied, went to seminars, met the pioneers of nutritional medicine in the 80s and 90s, and eventually got board certified.  Many of the new therapies, such as functional testing, I sought out to help specific clients. I can still tell you which tests I explored to help which people; it’s been that personal.

Eight years ago I hired my first associate, Clinical Nutritionist, Angie Wallace and as of this summer, I have two new associates, Clinical Nutritionist Mary Gowdy, and RN Health Coach Naomi Williams, plus a full-time office manager, part-time receptionist, and a business manager. So basically my staff has doubled this year to meet the explosion in demand for our services.

BW: To what do you attribute the success of Bewell?

MM: Consistency, persistence and delivering the best quality of care we are able. As evidence, I offer the fact that we have grown mostly by word of mouth. Why? Because the vast majority of our clients feel better as a result of working with us.  So they tell their family, their friends, their colleagues. We do very little advertising, except lately, and that is mainly to introduce the new clinicians to the community.

BW: You said you started BeWell because you wanted to help people. What do you love about your work now, three decades later?

MM: I love the same things now that I loved then, which is to be able to change lives, or more accurately, to show people how to improve their lives through what they put into their mouths and what they allow into their minds.

There’s nothing more gratifying than having a client come back and report that they’re feeling significantly better, sleeping better, and focusing better. Their di