While working within the Integrative Clinical Nutrition field, I’ve met countless people who want to lose weight and most importantly keep it off. I’ve seen them all — and maybe you see yourself on this list — if you’ve ever been a…

  • yo-yo dieter
  • fad diet dieter
  • calorie counter
  • diet pill dieter
  • ‘hangry’ dieter
  • scale obsessed dieter
  • all or nothing dieter
  • crash dieter

What do these ways of dieting have in common? They’re not sustainable, and the weight comes right back.

So, how do you lose weight, feel good, and keep it off?

Start with shifting your mindset from ‘diets’ to lifestyle changes. Understanding how your body works will guide your new choices, so you’ll finally meet that weight loss goal and stay there.

The key is surprisingly simple: learn to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar is the amount of glucose circulating in the blood that either provides instant energy to the cells or gets stored for future use. Glucose is sugar that you receive from carbohydrates like fruit, grains (bread, pasta, cereal), beans, and vegetables (starchy and non-starchy). Insulin is a hormone, produced by the pancreas that regulates glucose in the blood. Too much glucose leads to high blood sugar levels and insulin s