Detox teas, diets, cleanses, and products are in the news a lot these days. So you may be wondering if a detox is really necessary for you, and how can it help with weight loss.

First, you’re probably wondering if you even need a detox.

Can you say yes to any of these?

  • I’m 20 pounds overweight
  • I have diabetes
  • I have/had gallstones
  • I have a history of heavy alcohol use
  • I have psoriasis
  • I have/had viral hepatitis
  • I take thyroid hormones, NSAIDs, diuretics, or antibiotics

All of the above can overburden your liver, whose job it is to detoxify the body. Other signs your liver needs help include acne, chronic headaches, inflammation, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune issues.

Still wondering if YOUR liver is overburdened?

Day-to-day exposure to things such as food additives, cleaning materials, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and yeast in the gut, heavy metals like lead and mercury, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, antacids, solder in tin cans, mercury fillings, and lead from cooking utensils, can highly affect the liver and bog it down. Some jobs are a greater risk on the liver due to chemicals in their environment. These include gas attendants, printers, roofers, dentists, solderers, and jewelers.

Because toxins are impossible to avoid, everyone’s liver can use some help now and then. A twice-yearly detox, in spring and fall, will help your liver function better all year round.

But does a detox help you lose weight?

Toxins, such as the ones discussed earlier build up in your body’s fat stores. The liver works to neutralize and excrete toxins in urine, feces, lungs, and skin and a clean liver helps burn fat, which is essential in the weight loss process!

How will a detox feel?

Some people going through a detox have experienced a need for more sleep or some emotional heaviness. You may have headaches if you’re used to having a lot of caffeine. These symptoms can last a few days, but then they usually ease up.

You may also experience positive effects, such as less bloating and gas, clearer thinking, and a reduction in sugar cravings.

While on a detox, your self-control starts to kick in and your true hunger for highly nutritious foods becomes your norm. You’ll be amazed when you feel some of the transformations when your liver is working better! Often people stop coffee or alcohol altogether because they find they don’t need that jolt of caffeine or the lack of control that alcohol brings.

A detox can be like hitting a reset button for your body and mind. You’ll find yourself not doing things just out of habit and, instead, taking a step back to ask yourself if you need it. That new sense of control spurs you to keep up the new, healthier habits.

The benefits of a detox are many, and it’s an essential part of a he