Naomi and Alice 1986

I wish that I could talk to my mom just one more time. I would tell her that I have always loved her even though I probably blamed her for not being there like I expected her to be. I would hear her say, ā€œIā€™m proud of you and I love you, sweetie.ā€ It would be so nice to hear her voice again.

My Mom passed away during the solar eclipse in August. It was during a cardiac ablation that can be routine for many, yet there are also major risks involved. My mom, at the age of 84, underwent this procedure and I was not even in the same state as she was. I never got to say goodbye.

My mom was strong and independent. She had six children and I was the last one. She was married after nursing school and worked in the family business in Northern Michigan. She also worked as nurse for several years as well as taking care of all her kids. We moved to Florida to be with family and I spent my teen years on the sunny beaches. I wish I could turn back time and walk on the sand with her and pick up shells once again. I know I will see her again someday in heaven.

She taught me through her life how to be healthy. She was always trying new recipes, reading about herbs and trying out granola at the health food stores. She was always dragging me along, but now I love doing the same things with my daughter and getting her a variety of honey sticks that are at the checkout counter!

There truly is a special bond that a Mom brings to her children. She carried them in her womb for 9 months, that in itself is a gift! Whether your mom is with you or not, she has impacted your life more than you will ever know. Please take a moment to thank her for her love, even if it did not meet you