When was the last time you said thank you to your liver??

The liver is an amazingly complex organ whose proper function is critical to health. In one of his essays, author C.S.Lewis said that he would rather fly a 747 without instructions than to do the work of the liver.

You may know that the liver is the only organ that can regrow, which is a good thing, given its big job of detoxifying the many toxins we are subjected to each and every day. Detoxification means purging harmful toxins, present in air, water, food, and sometimes self-generated, from our own bodies

As we head into allergy season it’s an especially important time to make sure your liver is humming along, helping you detoxify all the pollens and allergens that you inhale.

Chemical toxins can come from solvents, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, food additives, etc.  Microbial toxins can include waste products from unfriendly bacteria, yeast, and other pathogens we may not even know we carry.  Since toxins are a constant in daily life, regular detoxification is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. 

The liver has two major phases by which it neutralizes toxins.

Phase 1   draws harmful compounds from the bloodstream and converts them into intermediate metabolites,

Phase 2 converts these intermediate metabolites into water soluble form so they can be excreted through the kidneys and bowels.

The first step, Phase I,