In today’s modern world, not only are we blessed with unparalleled conveniences and information, but also challenged by countless environmental stressors on a daily basis. It can be very difficult to look beyond the obvious array of processed foods, consumer products and mainstream medicine, although we must if we wish to enjoy good health and spirit.

As our existing allopathic healthcare system continues to ignore many underlying causes of disease, increasingly patients are turning to holistic, traditional or functional models of medicine to preserve or restore their health. Thankfully, a new paradigm is emerging, which is allowing us to finally see previously obscured problems as well as settle upon sustainable solutions.

One of the more exciting ways we can improve our physical and mental resilience is by understanding how electromagnetic energy affects our wellbeing. We call these energetic forms of pollution electromagnetic fields, frequencies or radiation (EMF/EMR), which are the invisible by-products of electrification and wireless communications.

Man-made, non-native forms of EMF are much different from the natural radiation emitted by the Sun, Earth and from outer space. Types of EMF include low frequency (ELF) alternating current (AC) electric and magnetic fields, intermediate frequencies or dirty electricity (DE), and high frequency radio frequencies and microwaves (RF/MW).

Because EMFs have been implicated by both the World Health Organization (IARC) and the National Institute of Health (NTP) as being carcinogenic and decades of research shows acute and chronic health conditions resulting from overexposure, it’s our responsibility to take precautionary steps to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

Commonly reported symptoms include poor/disrupted sleep, headaches, ear ringing (tinnitus), skin and digestive problems, anxiety, depression, memory issues and brain fog. EMF exposures are known to cause inflammation, oxidative stress as well as DNA damage, leading to numerous potential diseases and disorders. Of particular concern are the effects on children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with compromised immunities.

The good news is that EMF is both measurable and usually avoidable, so risk reduction is well within our reach. A few simple things most people can do to reduce their exposure are:

• Reduce RF by setting mobile phones to “airplane mode” whenever possible. Texting is always safer than calling and you should never hold a phone next to your ear or keep it against your body powered on. Use speaker mode or a wired (air tube) headset to provide the most distance from your phone’s antenna. At home, eliminate cordless (especially DECT) phones and turn off Wifi in favor of hardwired ethernet connections.

• Reduce ELF by keeping electronics out of sleeping spaces as much as possible and moving lamp cords, chargers and plug-in alarm clocks at least 4 feet away from your bed. To ac