Meet Rachel Jones, RN, a clinical intern that you will be seeing at BeWell Associates.

Here is what Rachel has to say about her holistic path:

“Holistic nursing honors each person’s uniqueness as a human being in relation to mind, body, and spirit. Health in all three domains creates health in the whole person. I have a passion for helping people address their health concerns holistically and through a functional medicine lens which focuses more on creating health than diagnosing disease. Functional medicine asks the deeper “why” questions to get at the root of what is causing symptoms. I am super excited at the privilege to shadow Angie at BeWell Associates which is both a holistic and functional medicine practice!”

Rachel’s career in healthcare began in 1984 as a registered dental hygienist (RDH). She practiced as a RDH for a number of years as well as being a stay-at-home mom to two amazing children. Rachel worked herself out of that job as they eventually grew up. She went back to school in 2012 to become a RN. Rachel is currently enrolled at Penn State University earning her BS degree in nursing. She is also a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach candidate. Rachel says, “I look forward to blending my life experience with my holistic nursing skill set and functional medicine coaching to help future clients find optimal health and wellbeing.”

Rachel resides in beautiful central PA with her husband and adult son, who is a senior at PSU. She also has a daughter who is relocating back to the area with her family after serving in the US Navy. Rachel and her husband have two adorable grandsons, who they are looking forward to spending more time with soon. When not studying, Rachel enjoys a variety of activities a few of which are: being with family and friends; creating artistic projects; practicing restorative yoga; organic flower, herb, and vegetable gardening; whole-food cooking; and developing recipes for elimination diets (she is gluten, dairy, and egg free).

(As part of her clinical hours, Rachel will be shadowing Angie through April 2018.)