You’ll be seeing a new face around the office. Naomi Williams, R.N.,  is joining us as our third nutritionist and is currently shadowing both Monica and Angie.

Naomi is a Registered Nurse Health Coach and has worked in the health care field since 1994 in a wide variety of settings:  hospitals, nursing homes, surgery clinics, schools and in several teaching roles. She has always had a deep personal interest in optimum health and is a recent graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  We are excited to have her  join us and share her fresh ideas on how to navigate the ever-changing health care maze and bring you better health through nutrition.

Here’s what she says about her approach: “I believe it’s important to understand what your body needs in order to heal.  I will work with your bio-individuality to get your health back and to support you to be  your best possible self!   While food changes everything, other areas of our lives are important to address and using the holistic approach we do that.  Some of these include : meaningful relationships, spiritual practice, career, and movement, which are all crucial to our overall well-being.”

When not researching or reading about current nutritional trends, Naomi can be found in Rothrock Forest either hiking, biking, kayaking or picking berries and avoiding rattle snakes. She is married and has a teenage daughter as well as a black lab puppy name Ellie.