Have you considered giving a cherished friend or family member a Gift Card for services at BeWell Associates?

Our clients, from babes to the elderly, have excellent results with all types of health concerns when they pay attention to diet and discover what their body needs through nutritional testing.

Here are a few testimonials of recent successes:

Two year old Zoe was put of three different asthma meds for chronic wheezing(  breathing treatments every 4 hours, singulair granules (that goes in her milk) and Flovent (an inhaler).)  Mom took her off all dairy products and all symptoms cleared up within 48 hrs. She is no longer taking medication OR wheezing.  Sometimes one small change can yield a major improvement.

A fifty something came in late October for chronic diarrhea (7 years!)…and general digestive distress. Two weeks after starting a program that was customized to her needs she was having normal stools and no stomach pain or urgency.  She also noted that she was falling asleep more easily and staying asleep more consistently thus  no longer needing daytime naps. Of course her mood improved and her overall sense of health is significantly better.

And finally, here’s a letter from one of my 60 something year old clients…proof that it’s never too late!

Since we started working together five months ago I have been able to slash my 17 (!) prescription meds in half. And what’s even better is my A1 C is down significantly even over the Christmas holidays. My morning Blood sugars are much better and I’m finally starting to lose weight. My heartburn is completely gone even though I am off heartburn medication and sleeping better without sleeping pills. The restless legs have stopped. I’m happy to report that I no longer take naps and can keep up with my teenage granddaughter when we go shopping together ! I’m thrilled with my progress, and so is my doctor.
I can’t thank you enough, Monica. You’ve given me my life back.


It’s so easy to give the gift of health:


Gift cards come in several  denominations.

Make 2018 the year to BeWell!