It’s that time of year when cold and flu season is in full swing. I thought I would pass along some of my favorite things I use to help ward off the dreaded winter bugs.

Sinupret: Promotes clear nasal passages and has helped me avoid congestion that previously lead to sinus infections.

Vitamin D Supreme: I typically take 5,000 IU’s of vitamin D daily but when I start to feel a little under the weather, I increase it to 10,000. Vitamin D deficiency is more and more common and can be linked to many autoimmune disorders. For more info, check out our article: Maximizing Wellness During Flu Season: The Holistic Approach with Vitamin D

Herbal Cough Medicine (Herbal CE II): This product was sent to me by accident but I ended up loving it. Any time I feel like my throat is getting scratchy, I start using a dropper full and so far it’s been working great. The ingredients include 11 herbs and spices, which I really like. The taste is rather ‘earthy’ so this isn’t going to be for everyone.

Zinc: Not only is zinc good for your immune system, it is also essential to digestion, a powerful antioxidant, balances hormones, and promotes wound healing (to name a few). Zinc has been a leading over-the-counter remedy for colds for decades.  I take one 25 mg tab daily of Zn-Zyme Forte.

Honey: The benefits of honey are never ending! Raw honey is pure and unfiltered, making it a nutritional powerhouse. For colds, as little as a tsp. can stop mucous production and give relieve a cough or sore throat.

Epsom Salt: What better way to soothe achy muscles than a nice relaxing bath. Epsom salt can help eliminate toxins from your system, allowing you to recover more quickly during a cold or flu. The magnesium helps pull toxins out of the body, through the skin. Add a cup of Ep